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The ancient Chinese art of placing needles at body meridian points to correct energy lows, thereby relieving psychical, and psychological disturbance's. Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body's energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.

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  Acupuncture - The Therapy Directopry. 2/5 - Resources For Patients, Practitioners & Students. 2/5
  Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd.- Membership organization for Australian acupuncturists includes practitioner referral database. 2/5
British Acupuncture Council - Home Page of The British Medical Acupuncture Society - a society of doctors, dentists and vets, which aims to promote the use and scientific understanding of acupuncture as part of the practice of medicine. 3/5
British Medical Acupuncture Society - UK -Welcome to the British Medical Acupuncture Society's Web Site. This will tell you about the Society and how you can locate a medical acupuncturist in your area.  4/5
  Learning and Resource Centre Article - Creating Mental and Emotional Wellness with Acupuncture. - We must all occasionally deal with major upheavals or emotional distress at some points in our lives. These events can trigger a host of unexpected feelings and behaviors from depression and panic attacks to major disruptions in sleep and eating. Article.
  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) 3/5
Safety and Regulation of Acupuncture - In England, there is not statutory regulation of acupuncture. But acupuncturists are required to register with their local authority. Practitioners of conventional medicine, such as GPs, are subject to statutory regulation. This means that there are special laws to ensure that they are properly qualified, and adhere to certain standards or codes of practice. NHS Coices Article.
The Acupuncture Society - The Acupuncture Society is a professional body of Acupuncture and Oriental Therapist Practitioners recognized by the London Local Authorities on 29th October 1996 under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 section (4) As a Society of Acupuncture, TCM and Oriental Therapist Practitioners exempted from local authority special treatment licensing (this exemption is mainly applicable in the London area, all members must check with their Local Council Environmental Health Department before claiming this exemption). 3/5
The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) - Is the largest regulatory body in the UK for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM). TCM includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and therapeutic massage called Tuina. At present there are over 700 professionally qualified TCM practitioners registered with ATCM, who must adhere to strict codes of ethics and practice. All full members of ATCM are fully qualified in the practice of authentic traditional acupuncture, as well as Chinese herbal medicine and tuina 3/5
Therapy Directory -Therapy Directory only lists therapists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have sent us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.. 3/5
  USA Directory - Find a Acupuncturist by State - Find comprehensive information, including Acupuncturist ratings and contact information.2/5
  What's the POINT of acupuncture? It costs the NHS £25million and promises to cure everything from morning sickness to back ache - but is it all just placebo? - A Mail-Online Article UK Not Rated
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Google Scholarly Article on Acupuncture and Mental Health - Click Here
Wikipedia - Acupuncture- Click Here
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Color Atlas of Acupuncture: Body Points - Ear Points - Trigger Points (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback)) [Paperback]

Acupuncture Pocket Book: Point Location [Paperback]

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