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A state of extended reflection or contemplation.

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Meditation & Mind Power
Applied Meditation Therapy - This is a Professional Site Focusing on Meditation Psychology and Offering Education Instruction, Inspiration, and Counseling in the Practical Applications of Meditation Therapy for the Health, Healing, and Spiritual Growth of Your Everyday Life and Interpersonal Relationships. 3/5
As Zen Replaces the Id - This site includes resources concerning Buddhism and its application to Psychology Over great areas of the world it still survives. It is possible that in contact with Western science, and inspired by the spirit of history, the original teaching of Gotama, revived and purified, may yet play a  large part in the direction of human destiny. --H. G. Wells. 4/5
  Edward Debono’s Web Site - All about Debono, his books, techniques etc. 2/5
  HotRod your Head   2/5
Mensa Home Page - Membership information and many on-line test for you to try. 4/5
IAS & Manjushri Mandala - A colorful, slightly unusual and informative site on: New Age Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, the Nature of Mind, Astrology, Art (Tibetan, Spiritual, Fractal), Data Research, Wisdom-Quotes, the Sixties, Search Engine Collection, Booktips, Biorhythms, author Hans Taeger and much more.. 3/5
Transcendental Meditation (TM) Program - Official U.S. Website - The Transcendental Meditation (TM) program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the single most effective technique available for gaining deep relaxation, eliminating stress, promoting health, increasing creativity and intelligence, and attaining inner happiness and fulfillment. 3/5
  Mind Tools - Shareware downloads, techniques, skills and articles. 3/5
  Smart Drugs & Nutrients - By the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute. 3/5
  The Truth Tree - An original guide to Rational Thinking--how to gain control over one's emotions, by Thomas Scott, PhD (Psychology); and many public forums for scientific and rational debate on the issues of our times. 3/5
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Google Scholarly Article on Acupuncture and Mental Health - Click Here
Wikipedia - Meditation- Click Here
Recommended Books    

A Restful Mind: Daily Meditations for Enhancing Mental Health (Hazelden Meditations) [Paperback]

Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness: A Mental Health Practitioner's Guide to New and Traditional Approaches [Hardcover]

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