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Birth Psychology

An area of developmental psychology which concerns itself with pre-natal, the birth and early infant mental health considerations.

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Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health - APPPAH was founded in 1983  as a forum for individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines interested in psychological dimensions of prenatal and perinatal experiences. Typically, this includes childbirth educators, birth assistants, doulas, midwives, obstetricians, nurses, social workers, perinatologists, pediatricians, psychologists, counselors, researchers, and teachers at all levels. One does not have to be a professional, however: all who share these interests are welcome to join. 4/5  Student
  Birth - A New Stage of Development - Once the fetus has reached full-term, it is time for make that first big appearance into the world. In a normal, uncomplicated birth, the fetal brain first signals the release of hormones that then pass into the mother's bloodstream. These hormones cause the mother's uterine muscles to contract and relax, first in an irregular pattern but gradually becoming more and more regular. An Article. Not Rated Student.
Birth Order and Intelligence - With retaled Articles. Not Rated
  Birth Order May Affect Career Interests - Psychology - Brief Article. Not Rated
Birth Order Research - I think a good approach to birth order is to consider how sibling relationships are depicted in myths and fairytales or in the Bible (especially in the Old Testament). There are many stereotypes concerning the different positions in a family (e.g. last-born as "nestling"). Recall your own experiences. Perhaps you come upon an autobiographic account of a famous first, last, middle or only child.  4/5
Embryo Development - An excellent web site provides a multimedia presentation of embryonic development.  From the University of Pennsylvania :This Overview  follows development from fertilization through birth. 4/5  Student
  How Birth Order Affects Your Personality - For decades the evidence has been inconclusive, but new studies show that family position may truly affect intelligence and personality. Article by Joshua K. Hartshorne. Not Rated
  Personality Begins Before Birth - What the fetus learns - Research indicates that even before birth, mothers' moods may affect child development ," comments Dr. Catherine Monk, a researcher at Columbia University. In summarizing Monk's work, Anne Murphy Paul in her recent cover story for Time magazine writes, "that a pregnant women's mental state can shape her offspring's psyche." An Article. Not Rated
  Study: Birth Order Affects Smarts, Personality - Sorry younger siblings, looks like your older brother or sister has a leg up on you, but don't fret. Birth order typically creates some form of sibling rivalry, but a new study suggests it also has an impact on personality and intelligence. A group led by Tiffany L. Frank, a doctoral candidate at Adelphi University in Long Island, N.Y. CBS News Article. Not Rated
  The Power of Birth Order - Time Magazine. Not rated
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Birth Psychology
Birth Order
Birth Psychology

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant: Symbiosis and Individuation (Paperback)

The Birth of the Mind: How a Tiny Number of Genes Creates the Complexities of Human Thought (Paperback)

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