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The following is a list of links where you may gain access to published online books, ezines and journals.

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ADHD e-BOOK - Martin L. Kutscher, MD. Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, New york Medical College, Valhalla, New York. Pediatric Neurological Associates, White Plains, New York. Not Rated
American Psychologist - The - Certainly needs no introduction 5/5
British Psychological Society (The Psychologist) - Online Samples of "The Psychologist".  4/5
  Drugs, Brains and Behavior - On-line book by Timmons & Hamilton.Not Rated
Emotion, Seduction and Intimacy - HTML version of the third edition of Emotion, Seduction and Intimacy: Alternative Perspectives on Human Behaviour. The HTML version has been created by Libertary Co. and is now available under a Creative Commons Licence. 2/5
 Mental Health & Psychology Book Online Essays on Psychology & Life - Essays on therapy, failed therapy, managed care, the Columbine High School massacre, Bill Clinton's "attention deficit disorder", and other mental health topics.  3/5
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  International Classification of Diseases (ICD) - This data is published to be used by HiDoctor'98 users HiDoctor'98: The New Generation of Medical Software. 3/5
  Merec Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - Registration required. 4/5
  Online Psychology Books - From the Digital Library.3/5
  PERSONA - Is published annually in Spanish by the Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad de Lima. The aim of the journal is to further the advancement and discussion of topics of interest in psychology as a scientific discipline and as a profession. Publishes full length, empirical, conceptual, review and discussion papers, as well as brief reports on work in progress. All major areas of psychology are represented in the journal suitable for a broad readership of professionals and scholars in psychology. 3/5
  SmartStudy - Online text books.
  The Qualitative Methods Workbook - Is an "e-text" prepared for the college course, Qualitative Research Methods at Shippensburg University. While the contents are copyrighted, they may be downloaded and hardcopied for educational and personal uses without permission, as long as the source is noted. 3/5
  Poetry_sz - A quarterly e-zine featuring the poetry of people living with mental illness. 3/5  Slow
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