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Childhood Depression, Abuse and Anxiety

Child Psychology is generally taken as the most neutral umbrella term for the interdisciplinary science that studies the child in any large number of systematic ways.

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Childhood Depression, Abuse and Anxiety
AAP Policy Documents - All policy statements from the American Academy of Pediatrics automatically expire 5 years after publication unless reaffirmed, revised, or retired at or before that time. Additional policies from the American Academy of Pediatrics may be found in the Red Book ® and other AAP manuals. 3/5
An Online Resource APSAC - Missing Children and Child Sexual Abuse - Well developed resource and valuable source of reference. 4/5
Child Abuse Statistics & Research  -  Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources. 3/5
Children, Youth and Family Consortium - Information about issues related to the health, education and well-being of children, youth and families. 4/5
Cornell University - Child Abuse Prevention Network.  4/5
Royal College of Psychiatrists - Child Abuse Fact Sheet. 4/5
The Chidrens Society - UK - Legal Advice on Child Abuse. 4/5
  When to Worry About a Child - It's not always obvious when a child is being abused. There may be specific signs or your instinct may tell you something is wrong. 3/5
  Child Anxiety Network - The Child Anxiety Network is designed to provide thorough, user-friendly information about child anxiety. It is also designed to provide direction for those who are not sure where to turn when they think their child or a child they know may need professional help to cope with anxiety. 3/5
  Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program - The Child and Adolescent OCD and Anxiety Program (CAAP) is a clinical research program that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and related problems in children and adolescents. Our primary goal is to provide effective treatments or youngsters suffering from anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette's and other tic disorders, and trichotillomania.  4/5
Description of Child Anxiety Disorders - Here you will find a list of anxiety related disorders that may be experienced during childhood. 4/5
Depression Alliance Scotland - Support with Child Depression. 4/5
  Depression in Children - Childhood and adolescent depression increased dramatically in the past forty to fifty years. The average age of onset has fallen. During childhood the number of boys and girls affected are almost equal. In adolescence, twice as many girls as boys are diagnosed. (Similar to adult rate).  3/5
Depression in Children and Adolescents - An excellent site. Many related links to other sites and articles.  4/5
NHS Choices - Is Your Child Suffering From Depression? 3/5
  Wings of Madness - Woman's Forum - Children and Depression - Information on depression. 3/5
 General Mental Health Issues
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Well balanced and informative site. You should find what you want here. 5/5
  Child Research Net - We have valuable resources on our site to facilitate your on-going research. Let's make this a place where your research can be shared with others, too!. A Japanese Site but with English version. 3/5
  Children Now - Whole range of information on childrens issues: parenting, schools, violence, media, health etc.   3/5
  Critical Issues for Children and Youths - A series of articles.  From Future Children. 3/5
Cognitive Development - Peadiatric and infancy Physical Development, Early Language Acquistion, Social Development. A links list to many article.s 4/5
Seizure Disorders In Childhood - Epilepsy represents the most common serious neurologic problem affecting children, with an overall incidence approaching 2% for febrile seizures and 1% for idiopathic epilepsy. Diagnosis is complicated by protean clinical manifestations which are age-dependent and differ substantially from adult seizure disorders.  4/5
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Recommended Books    
Oppositional Defient Disorder
Behavioural Problems in Children

Defiant Child, The: A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Paperback)

Hydrocephalus: A Guide for Patients, Families and Friends (Patient-Centered Guides) (Paperback)

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