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A persistent, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation which the patient is compeled one to avoid it. This fear is usually something not considered to beharmful or dangerous, However any reassurance to the patient is ignored.

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Click here - Social Phobia - Formally Simple Phobia

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Phobias PsychNet-UK Social Phobia Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Shyness and Social Phobia - The Royal College of Psychiatrists.Shyness is a common sort of mild fear – if it's mild, it doesn't really spoil life. Many of us get a bit worried before meeting new people but find that, once we are with them, we can cope and even enjoy the situation. 3/5
Social Phobia and Social Anxiety Association - Did you know that approximately 7% of the population suffers from some form of social anxiety disorder? 3/5
Social Phobia World - The Social Phobia & Shyness Portal - This site is aimed at all those who suffer from an excessive shyness,introversion,loneliness,or are frightened of facing social situations, don´t have much information about the issue or maybe didn´t know of its existence,for people who need to feel they´re not alone in this matter. 3/5
Social Anxiety, Social Phobia Test - Click Here
Click here - Specific Phobias
PsychNet-UK Specific Phobias Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Specific Phobias - Cenetre for Anxiety and Trauma The term “phobia” is derived from the Greek phobos meaning ‘flight ‘panic-fear’ and ‘terror’ (Beck & Emery 1985). A Phobia is a “specific kind of fear” or excessive fear of some particular type of object or situation. This fear is often exaggerated and disabling (Beck & Emery 1985). -3/5
Specific Phobias - Types and Symptoms. - A specific phobia, formerly called a simple phobia, is a lasting and unreasonable fear caused by the presence or thought of a specific object or situation that usually poses little or no actual danger. 3/5
Wiki Specific Phobia - A specific phobia is a generic term for any kind of anxiety disorder that amounts to an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations. As a result, the affected persons tend to actively avoid direct contact with the objects or situations and, in severe cases, any mention or depiction of them. 3/5
Click Here  Agrophobia
PsychNet-UK Agrophobia Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Agoraphobia & Panic Disorder Recovery - Inspiration and guidance for those healing from panic disorder and agoraphobia. Website includes: cognitive-behavioral approaches, meditation techniques and personal stories of full recovery. 3/5
Difference Between Agraphobia and Social Phobia - Agoraphobia and social phobia are far in public settings. These two disorders are closely related which makes it hard to make out a distinction between them. 3/5
Award Patient UK - Agrophobia - Agoraphobia is an intense fear of being in public places where you feel escape might be difficult. So you tend to avoid public places, and may not even venture out from home. It can greatly affect your life. Treatment can work well in many cases. Treatment options include cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, usually with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant. 3/5
Wiki - Agraphobia.- Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder defined as a morbid fear of wide open spaces, crowds, or uncontrolled social conditions. 3/5
Agrophobia Self-Test - Click Here
Phobias - General   
Phobias - General 
Arachnophobia: Fear Of Spiders - Techniques For Relief - Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders. Arachnophobia is defined as an inordinate fear of spiders.  3/5
Common Phobia Treatments: Pitfalls Of Common Phobia Treatments. - 3/5
Delusional Parasitosis - Warning Spider Shown on Home Page- Is a mistaken belief that one is being infested by parasites such as mites, lice, fleas, spiders, worms, bacteria, or other organisms. (If of interest, please read from the sufferer's view.) This site has been created in an attempt to centralize accurate information on this misunderstood and increasingly common syndrome. 3/5
  Dental Fear Central - Your Hub for Dental Phobia Information - Dental fear and phobia information, advice, tips, and links. The site's content is grounded in the subjective experiences of dental phobia sufferers. 3/5
IPA (International Paruresis Association) website. - This site is provided as a resource for people who find it difficult or impossible to urinate in the presence of others, either in their own home or in public facilities. Also, for people who have difficulty under the stress of time pressure, when being observed, when others are close by and might hear them, or when traveling on moving vehicles. 3/5
National Phobics Society - UK -  Now Anxiety UK - Quick Guide The NPS guide to Anxiety Disorders Simple or Specific Phobias A phobia is an irrational fear of an object/situation etc. that would not normally trouble most people.  4/5
Needle Phobia - Is a defined as a medical condition that affects more than 10 percent of the population to an extent that it causes them to avoid needed medical care. 3/5

PanPhobia.Com - Scotophobia (darkness). selaphobia (light flashes). thalassophobia (the sea). thermophobia (heat). tonitrophobia (thunder). Extensive an comprehensive list. icluding Achluophobia: Fear of darkness. You will find it here. 4/5
Systematic Desensitization for Agoraphobia. - Article with links. 3/5


Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK) - a UK registered charity which aims to help sufferers of phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and other related anxiety to overcome their fears and become ex-sufferers. 3/5
Phobias The British Psychological Society Leaflet. What, Who, Why and How to help. PDF Leaflet. Not Rated.
Google Scholarly Article on Phobias - Click Here Phobias
Google Google News Phobias - Click Here
Wiki Wikipedia - Phobia - Click Here
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