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Sleep Walking

Walking, while in a deep stage of sleep (somnambulism), usually by children.

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  PsychNet-UK Sleepwalking Disorder Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
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  Children's Sleep Forum -  The Children's Sleep Forum This forum is dedicated to helping with children and teenage sleep.  From  From 4/5
  MedLine Plus - Sleepwalking - Sleepwalking is a disorder that occurs when a person walks or does another activity while they are still asleep. 3/5
  Sleepwalking, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Episodes of sleepwalking typically occur when a person is in the deep stages of sleep. The sleepwalker is unable to respond during the event and does not remember sleepwalking. In some cases, sleepwalking is associated with incoherent talking.. 3/5
  Sleepwalking - Symptoms and Treatment.Sleepwalking is characterized by a complex behavior (walking) occurring while asleep. Occasionally nonsensical talking may occur. 3/5
  Sleepwalking The Causes - Also known as somnambulism, sleepwalking often occurs during the deep sleep phase. The common belief that you should not wake a sleepwalker is a dangerous myth. In fact, if you do not wake them, they have a great potential of hurting themselves or the people around them. 3/5
  What Causes Sleepwalking? - The normal sleep cycle involves distinct stages from light drowsiness to deep sleep. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a different type of sleep, in which the eyes move rapidly and vivid dreaming is most common. During a night, there will be several cycles of non-REM and REM sleep. Sleep walking (somnambulism) most often occurs during deep non-REM sleep (stage 3 or stage 4 sleep) early in the night. It can occur during REM sleep near morning. 2/5
  What Causes Sleepwalking in Adults? - Maybe you just discovered you've been sleepwalking. Or maybe you have done it for years, but a recent episode has you somewhat concerned. Perhaps a friend or loved one is suffering from this embarrassing condition, and you would like to help them. Regardless of the reason, you're looking for information. You'd like to know what causes sleepwalking, and is there a way to stop it. 3/5
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Sleep Walking
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Sleep Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information about Sleep and Its Disorders Including Insomnia, Sleepwalking, Sleep Apnea, Restles (Health Reference) (Library Binding)

The Parasomnias and Other Sleep-Related Movement Disorders (Cambridge Medicine) [Hardcover]

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