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Is defined as a state of mental confusion, usualy temporary, with fluctuating periods of consciousness resulting from high fever, brain damage, shock, or other causes. The condition is usually characterized by anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, and incoherent speech.

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Click Here  - Delirium
PsychNet-UK Deliriums Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
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Alcohol-induced Psychotic Disorder and Delirium in the General Population.- An Article. Not rated
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Clinical Guide for the Care and treatment of Older people with Deliriums. A PDF Download. Not rated
Delirilum - Delirium is a medical condition in which you experience confusion, a loss of attention and focus, hallucinations and sometimes memory loss. And although it can affect anyone the elderly are at greater risk of developing delirium. 3/5
Delirium: Diagnosis, Prevention and Management - The advice in the NICE (UK) guideline covers the care of adults (18 and over) with, or at risk of, delirium in hospital and in long-term residential care or a nursing home. It does not look at people receiving end-of-life care, or people under the influence of or withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. 3/5
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Delirium: Diagnosis, Prevention and Management - An NHS Guide in PDF Format. Not rated
Delirium scales - A review of Current Evidence - A Downloadable Report from InfomaWold. You will have to Pay for Full Text. Not rated
ICU Delirium - Delirium is a serious acute medical condition; its been called a medical emergency. It results in such serious adverse outcomes for so many patients - including death - that in any other condition it would have clinicians searching for information with the same fervour given to cancer or HIV. 3/5
The Royal College of Psychiatrists - Deliriums Information Page - Delirium is a state of mental confusion that can happen if you become medically unwell. It is also known as an 'acute confusional state'. 4/5
Google Scholarly Article on Delirium - Click Here
Wikipedia - Delirium - Click Here
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Delirium in the Elderly (Oxford Medical Publications) [Hardcover]

Delirium in Critical Care (Core Critical Care) [Paperback]

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