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Various neurological disorders characterized by sudden recurring attacks of motor and sensory functioning with or without loss of consciousness or convulsive seizures.

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PsychNet-UK Epilepsy Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
  Epilepsy Action - Epilepsy Action aims to improve the quality of life and promote the interests of people living with epilepsy. 3/5 - A New UK Professionals website by the national Society for Epilepsy. Online library, articles and research. 4/5
Epilepsy Foundation of America - The Epilepsy Foundation of America® is the national voluntary agency dedicated solely to the welfare of the almost 3 million people with epilepsy in the U.S. 4/5
Epilepsy Research UK's Website - Epilepsy Research UK was formed following the merger of the Epilepsy Research Foundation and the Fund for Epilepsy, in April 2007. It supports and promotes basic and clinical scientific research into the causes, treatments and prevention of epilepsy; and is the only national charity in the UK that funds independent research exclusively into this condition. 3/5

Epinet - Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria - The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, Australia welcomes you to EpiNet, a website committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and reliable information about epilepsy. 3/5
  EQUIP - Has links to information-rich websites about epilepsy and a list of support groups and services related to epilepsy. Each topic has a section of ‘Useful links’ - these websites have been accredited by staff at NHS West Midlands and are aimed at the public.3/5
Joint Epilepsy Council for UK and Ireland - Epilepsy Research UK is the only national charity solely dedicated to epilepsy research.3/5
National Society for Epilepsy UK - - The NSE is the largest UK medical charity for epilepsy; our doctors and scientist are internationally renowned for their research and assessment of the condition. NSE services include residential care, outpatient clinics, in-patient assessment services for people with difficult to control epilepsy, a confidential epilepsy helpline, epilepsy awareness training, provision of leaflets, books and videos, a patient self-management programme, and a network of epilepsy information services. Our website offers information about epilepsy and about the NSE, a message board, online shop, and more. 3/5
NCYPE (UK) - The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE) is a national charity providing specialist services and support for children and young people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. These include Aspergers, autism and a wide range of learning difficulties from moderate to profound and multiple. 3/5
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Epilepsy: A New Approach - What Medicine Can Do, What You Can Do for Yourself
Epilepsy: Global Issues for the Practicing Neurologist:

Epilepsy - The Essential Guide (Need2know) [Paperback]

Epilepsy: A New Approach - What Medicine Can Do, What You Can Do for Yourself (Paperback)

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