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Developmental Disorders

Developmental Disorders

Developmental disorder: One of several disorders that interrupt normal development in childhood. They may affect a single area of development (specific developmental disorders) or several (pervasive developmental disorders).

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Psychology Disorders
Aspergers Syndrome Autism Cluttering
Developmental Coordination Disorder Disruptive Behavior Disorder Dyscalculia
Dyslexia Expressive Language Disorder Feeding Disorder
Mathematics Disorder Motor Skills Disorder Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorder Phonological Disorder Pica
Prader Willi Syndrome Reactive Attachment Disorder Reading Disorder
Rett's Disorder Rumination Disorder Selective Mutism
Speech Apraxia Speech Articulation Disorder Stuttering
Tic Disorders Written Expression Disorder Communication Disorder - General