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Developmental Coordination Disorder

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), previously known as Clumsy Child syndrome, is a general term used to describe personsa, children and adults, who are awkward, uncoordinated, poor coordination and clumsiness.

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PsychNet-UK Developmental Coordination Disorder Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Development Coordinator Disorder - MedLine Plus.Developmental coordination disorder is a childhood disorder that leads to poor coordination and clumsiness. 3/5
Developmental Coordination Disorder - Treatment.- University of Maryland.Developmental coordination disorder is a childhood disorder marked by poor coordination and clumsiness. 3/5
Dyspraxia - Is a specific learning difficulty. Children with dyspraxia have problems with motor coordination and often appear clumsy when moving around the classroom. 3/5
Dyspraxia Foundation UK - Supporting children, families and adults with dyspraxia. 3/5

The H.D.C.D. Group Scotland UK - Recognising children in the Highlands of Scotland who have difficulty with movement and with specific aspects of learning. 3/5

Overview of Developmental Coordination Disorder (the clumsy child syndrome) - Motor skills are typically acquired in a continuous, progressive, orderly process. Normal motor function requires the coordination of neurologic, physiologic, and biologic processes including proprioception, vestibular integration, strength, balance, coordination, dexterity, visual-motor ability, and visual ability. Individual and environmental factors, such as motivation, perseverance, opportunity for practice, and encouragement, also play a role. Problems in any of these areas can result in lack of motor skills, or clumsiness. 3/5
Using Diet to Treat Developmental Coordination Disorder - Children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) have normal IQs but score lower than the 15th percentile on tests of motor coordination. 3/5
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Dyspraxia: Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

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