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Expressive Language Disorder

I s a condition in which a patient has difficulty expressing themselves with language, both in speech and writing.

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PsychNet-UK Expressive Language Disorder Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Expressive Language Disorder - ICD 315.31 - Article by: Sarah Morales, BS Children's Speech Care Center. A person with an expressive language disorder (as opposed to a mixed receptive/expressive language disorder) understands language better than he/she is able to communicate. Not Rated
Expressive Language Disorder - Occurs when an individual has problems expressing him or herself using spoken language. Expressive language disorder is generally a childhood disorder. There are two types of expressive language disorder: the developmental type and the acquired type. 3/5
Expressive Language Disorder - Learning Disabilities in Expressive Language - By Ann Logsdon, Expressive Language Disorder is a learning disability affecting communication of thoughts using spoken and sometimes basic written language and expressive written language. 3/5
Parent Support Groups for Children with Speech or Communication Difficulties. From Children's Disabilities Info website.This is an annotated list of children's speech and communication support groups and listservs for parents. Read descriptions and join the speech and/or communication support group that best meets your needs. 3/5
Speech Disorders UK - Expressive Language Disorders is a type of language disorder in which an individual has difficulty understanding spoken, and sometimes also written, language. These disorders are sometimes also referred to as learning disabilities, and they are related to an individual’s inability to efficiently process language. While receptive language disorders don’t generally come to light until a child speaks, many are diagnosed prior to the age of four. Sometimes an individual also has trouble with using spoken, and sometimes written, language. When this is the case then a Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder may be diagnosed. 3/5
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Expressive Language Disorder
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