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Impulse Control Disorders - General

Patients who have impulse control disorders cannot avoid doing things that may cause harm to themselves or others.

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 How Can I Manage Compulsive Shopping and Spending (Shopoholism)? - People who "shop 'till they drop" and run their credit cards up to the limit often have a shopping addiction. Not Rated 



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Impulse Control Disorders - A Powerpoint Presentation - Teaching Aid. Not Rated
Impulse Control Disorders Clinic - The University of Minnesota.This web site is intended for prevention, education and treatment of Impulse-Control Disorders. We have strived to create a web site where patients and their families can search for the up-to-date scientific information that will help them make informed decisions. 3/5
Impuluse-Control Disorders ( N.E.Class. ) - Impulse-Control Disorders ( N.E.Class. ) Index Definition Impulse-Control Disorders Types Treatment ( Psychotherapy ) Treatment ( Pharmacotherapy ) Definition Impulse-Control Disorders are disorders in which a person act on a certain impulses.  3/5
Impulse Control Techniques - An impulse is a reaction that motivates you to behave in a certain manner. At times, intense emotions trigger impulses that may result in negative behavior. 3/5
Medscape Today - A Number of Impulse Control Disorder Articles. 3/5
Psychological Treatment of Impulse Control Disorders - Psychology Information Online Psychological Problems - Impulse Control Disorders Impulse Control Disorders - Many psychological problems are characterized by a loss of control or a lack of control in specific situations.  3/5
What Causes Impulse Control Disorders and Who Gets Them? - There is a strong association between dopamine agonist therapy and ICDs. Some people using these may find it hard to control impulses like gambling, sex, spending, and eating. 3/5
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Impulse Control Disorders
Drug Therapy and Impulse Control Disorders
Clinical Manual of Impulse-control Disorders

Impulse Control Disorders A Clinicians Guide to Understanding
and Treating Behavioral Addictions: A Clinician's Guide to understanding and Treating Behavioral Addictions (Hardcover)

Drug Therapy and Impulse Control Disorders (Psychiatric Disorders)
(Psychiatric Disorders) (Library Binding)

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