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Life Stress

Situations, events or experiences that produce severe strain, such as failure of a marriage, loss of a job, selling your house, orloss of a loved person.

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American Institute of Stress  - A good American site, but limited free information, although lots of information packs etc. are available for sale. 3/5
Eustress - Part of a general slide presentation on Managing Stress.  2/5
Hans Slye - Theory of the general adaptation syndrome which is supported by experimental facts.  3/5
International Stress Management Association ( UK ) - ISMA(UK)is a registered charity promoting standards in stress managent. The site contains articles, booklists, help pages and mich information on stress and its treatment.  3/5
Jenkins Activity Survey - A description.The Jenkins Activity Survey (JAS) was developed in an attempt to duplicate the clinical assessment of the Type A behavior pattern by employing an objective psychometric procedure. Individuals displaying a Type A behavior pattern are characterized by extremes of competitiveness, striving for achievement and personal recognition, aggressiveness, haste, impatience, explosiveness and loudness in speech, characteristics which the JAS attempts to measure. 2/5
Manage Stress - Coping Techniques - Relaxation - Articles From Life Clinic Com. Stress can make blood pressure go up for a while, and it has been thought to contribute to high blood pressure. But the long-term effects of stress are as yet unclear. 3/5
NIH Guide: Women's Mental Health and Gender Differences - Men and women. Animal and human studies indicate that gender differences in hormonal factors may modulate physiological and behavioral response to stress.   3/5
Our Body’s Reaction to Stress (General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)) - When a person experiences stress, the brain responds by initiating 1400 different responses including the dumping of a variety of chemicals to our blood stream. An Article. Not Rated
Stress and Cardiovascular Disease - Is There a Relationship?. An Article.Understanding the relationship between stress and cardiovascular disease isn't easy. Is Type-A behavior unhealthy? Does stress cause your blood pressure to rise? Can stress cause you to have a heart attack? While differing opinions exist about these and other issues, research has shown that stress does play a role in many cardiovascular disorders. Not Rated
Stress Inventory- The following scale was developed by Holmes and Rahe to investigate the relationship between social readjustment, stress and susceptibility to illness. 3/5.
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Wikipedia - Life Stress - None
Recommended Books    
Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life: A Teach Yourself Guide
The Everything Guide to Stress Management: Step-By-Step Advice for a Stress-Free Life
Stress: A Friend for Life - How to Live with it, Use it and Live Creatively as a Result of it

Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life: A Teach Yourself Guide

The Everything Guide to Stress Management: Step-By-Step Advice for a Stress-Free Life

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