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Alcoholism (aka Dipsomania)

Alcoholism is characterized by a craving for and a dependence on alcohol; an urge beyond the capability of the person to control.

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ADIC - Effects of Alcohol Intoxication - A Check List.  2/5
Alcohol Addiction: A Psychobiological Approach - Pat Jones, MS,RN,CS Among the social and medical ills of the 20th century, substance abuse -which includes drugs, marijuana, and alcohol- ranks as one of the most devastating and costly. (E.L. Gardner, 1992). Not Rated
Alcoholics Anonymous - USA - A self help organisation offering sound advice and support. Also in French and Spanish versions. Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. 3/5
Alcohol Concern - UK  - This site contains information about the work of Alcohol Concern, copies of our press releases, fact sheets and other publications as well as news about what is happening in the alcohol field and links to useful websites. The site also allows users to search our library database and services directory and order publications from our on-line bookshop.  4/5
Alcohol-Related Problems: Recognition and Intervention - Severe medical, psychologic or social problems related to alcohol use. Even in these circumstances, resistance to direct advice is likely.   An Article 3/5
Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit - A Fetal Alcohol Syndrome research unit headed by Dr. Ann Streissguth, Universityof Washington - School of Medicine. We have an International list of support groups and we also list international FAS/E conferences as they come up - FAS is 100% preventable.  4/5
Jewish Alcoholics - Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others 2/5
Google Scholarly Articles on Alcoholism - Click Here Alcoholism (aka Dipsomania)
Google News Alcoholism - Click Here
Wikipedia - Alcoholism - Click Here
PsychNet-UK Article: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Will Never Take Away Your Fears - By: Stanley Popovich
Recommended Books    
Terry: My Daughter's Life-And-Death Struggle with Alcoholism
Alcoholism (The Facts)
Goodbye Mr. Wonderful: Alcoholism, Addiction and Early Recovery

Terry: My Daughter's Life-And-Death Struggle with Alcoholism

Alcoholism (The Facts)

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