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Critical Psychology

Critical psychology is both a critique of "mainstream" psychology and an attempt to apply psychology in more progressive ways and contexts than have been so far the case.

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Applying Critical Psychology - As RadPsyNet members and critical psychologists, we try to incorporate our values into our daily work. But that's not easy. We often find ourselves in universities, clinics, and other settings dominated by mainstream psychologists with little tolerance for those who seek to redirect psychological research, teaching, and practice. So many people still seek advice on how to practice psychology critically. 2/5 No Video Available
Critical Psychology
Critical Psychology - Fox Professing - The term critical psychology refers to a variety of approaches that challenge mainstream psychology's assumptions and practices that help sustain unjust political, economic, and other societal structures. 4/5
Critical Psychology: An Introduction - Times Higher Eduction Article. Not Rated
Critical Psychology (Facebook) - Is an approach to psychology that takes a critical theory-based perspective. Critical psychology is aimed at critiquing mainstream psychology and which attempts to apply psychology in more progressive ways, often looking towards social change as a means of preventing and treating psychopathology. 3/5
Critical Psychology Webring. 3/5
From Anti-Psychiatry to Critical Psychology - A paper published by Rachel Cox, clinical psychologist, Shropshire County Primary Care Trust, UK and Paul Kelly, clinical psychologist, South Birmingham Mental Health NHS Trust, UK. Not Rated
Fox Processing - Critical Psycholoy - Links, books and resources on critical psychology. 3/5
PINS (Psychology in Society) - Is an academic journal that aims to foster a socio-historical and critical theory perspective. Our focus is on the theory and practice of psychology in the Southern African context. 3/5
Radical Psychology Network - Seeks like-minded psychologists and others to help create a society better able to meet human needs and bring about social justice. We want to change society's unacceptable status quo and bring about a better world. 3/5
What Is Critical Psychology? - Critical psychology is a branch of psychology — the study of the mind and behavior — based in critical theory. Critical theory involves the critical examination of society and culture with the aim of discovering the nature of problems afflicting society. 3/5
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Critical psychology is both a critique of "mainstream" psychology and an attempt to apply psychology in more progressive ways and contexts than have been so far the case.
Google News Critica Psychology - None
Wikipedia - Developmental Psychology - Click Here
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Critical Psychology: An Introduction [Paperback]

Social Psychology: Experimental and Critical Approaches [Paperback]

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