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Why not announce your forthcoming Conferences/Seminars on PsychNet-UK

We have two options which you may like to consider when publishing your conference/seminar information:

Free Publication - PsychNet-UK will publish your forthcoming conference information as indicated on our Diary Events page. This consists of the conference/seminar title, date or dates being held, the sponsoring body and a link to your website. That's it an it's FREE.

Paid Publication - Besides the base information indicated in the free option detailed above. Full details of your conference will be published on its own linked web page. This page will contain all the information that YOU want published about your conference, including downloadable application/reservation form ( if required ), conference brochure ( again if required ) and full contact information.

It will be presented exactly as you would wish your announcement to appear in a printed publication. The only difference is that the PsychNet-UK cost is far cheaper than you would pay for insertion in a professional journal.

By using PsychNet-UK you will be targeting the exact audiance and professionals that you are seeking. So why not send us your conference/seminar details today. For More Information - Click Here

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