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General Textbooks:
  CAIS. - A full-length and occasionally interactive statistics textbook on the web. 3/5
Award HyperStat Statistics Textbook - A well-designed and well-constructed "hyper-text-book". Contents   5/5  Student
  • Introduction
  • Describing Univariate Data
  • Describing Bivariate Data
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Point Estimation
  • Confidence Intervals
  • The Logic of Hypothesis Testing
  • Testing Hypotheses with Standard Errors
  • Power
  • Introduction to Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Factorial Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Within-Subjects ANOVA
  • Prediction
  • Chi Square
  • Distribution-Free Tests
  • Measuring Effect Size

  Introduction to Probability - By Grinstead and Snell (a complete book, in Adobe Acrobat and Postscript format.  3/5  Student
Statistics Every Writer Should Know - Good introduction to statistical concepts, presented in a clear and non-intimidating way. Topics include: mean, median, percent changes, per capita and rates, standard deviation and normal distribution, margin of error, confidence intervals and sample sizes. Site includes a set of frequently asked questions, and a Statistics Bulletin board -- Post your question about statistics, or help someone else by posting an answer to his or her problem. Also links to its sister site: Finding Data on the Internet.   4/5  Student
StatSoft Electronic Textbook - To search the Electronic Statistics Textbook for terms and general statistical concepts:  4/5
  The Qualitative Methods Workbook - Is an "e-text" prepared for the college course, Qualitative Research Methods (PSY 405) at Shippensburg University. While the contents are copyrighted, they may be downloaded and hardcopied for educational and personal uses without permission, as long as the source is noted. 3/5
Books Related to Specific Software Packages:
Award All About SPSS - From the home of SPSS. Good introduction to functions and features. Include a Free demonstration download facility. 5/5
Online Journals:
  Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics    3/5
Award Journal of Official Statistics - Published by the national statistical office of Sweden. Publishes articles on statistical methodology and theory, with an emphasis on applications. Free access to full-text articles in PDF format . 4/5
  The Annals of Applied Probability    3/5
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