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Experimental Statistics

The collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristics by inference from sampling and probability estimates.

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Centre for Psychology Resources - Research Methods and Statistics. 4/5
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 Finding Data on the Internet - Page of links to other pages that link to online databases related to: agriculture, aviation, crime, demographics, education, energy, finding people, health, immigration, investing, law, military, non-profits, politics, weather, and more. 3/5  Student
HyperStat Online 5/5
National Center for Health Statistics   U.S. Government Agency - 4/5
  Research Methods and Statistics. The Book. 3/5
Sign Test - From Hyperstats Online. 3/5
Statistiska Institutionen (Swedish) - From UPPSALA University Site in English.  3/5
  Understanding and Using Statistics in Psychology - A Practical Introduction. by Jeremy Miles and Philip Banyard. 3/5
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics - The goal of this project is to provide interactive, web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics. 3/5
Virtual Stats Lab - Rice University Virtual Lab in Statistics With HyperStat simulations, case studies and an analysis lab 4/5
  Why Study Statistics in Psychology? - Many students of psychology (including myself) are shocked when they discover that the study of statistics is necessary. “Maths!!! I just want to help people!” is the usual cry of derision.3/5
WWW Virtual Library: Statistics - A listing of all major academic institutions statistical departments.  3/5
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Experimental Statistics
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Wikipedia - Statistics-
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