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PsychNet-Uk is now giving this valuable directory of information away for FREE. The only stipulation for its use is that it will not be kept up to day. This will be your responsibility.

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PsychNet-UK has compiled the most comprehensive data disk on Britain's NHS Trusts, Charities, Private Medical Practices, and Psychology based Consultancies. If you are seeking employment then this is a must have. Yes this information is available on the Internet but it covers hundreds of sites. So we have done the hard part and collated it all onto one data source disk, saving you hours and hours of searching the net. So what do you get on the data disk?

1. A comprehensive listing of National Health Service (NHS) contact details:

  • Full Postal Addresses.
  • Trust HQ's.
  • Individual Hospitals, Care Units, Partnerships.
  • Recruitment Lines / Human Resources telephone numbers.
  • All UK regions covered
  • Website addresses or alternative web information access sites.
  • Recruitment / Contact email addresses where published.

2. Plus additional Recruitment Resources, including contact information:

  • UK Mental Health related charities.
  • UK Universitiy recruitment contacts.
  • Management consultancies specialising in psychology.
  • Private Medical Services who employ Mental Health professionals.

3. The data is supplied in Microsoft Excel format. This format is ideal as it will enable you to:·

  • Sort the information as you need it.
  • Have the ability to mail merge the address information into you letters and postal labels directly from the disk etc.
  • Easily update the information with your own notes and comments.
  • Easily access the data. It is available as you're nearest computer.
  • No Internet access required.

4. For future updates, you will be responsible. ( If you do update, why not give us a copy so every one has the latest contact information.)

There is over 900 NHS Trust, Psychological Consultancies, Universities
Charities and Private Medical Organisations listed on V 2.a.

Current Version: 2.0a NHS Trusts/Universities/Private Health/Consultancies - January 2009.

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