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To help you keep up to date with the developments on Psychnet-UK. Also to give the opportunity to have your say, additions, recommendations and review future PsychNet-UK plans.

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Latest news at the top:
6th December 2016 Our annual review of existing links. Found 400 broken links which have been removed and a review of existing page subject matter has resulted in many new links being added.
28th January 2016 Implemented an improved site visitor tracking software.
1st September 2015

Again we have sadley neglected this page for quite some time, for which we would like to apologise to our regular readers and visitor. The site has been updated and new links added.

The PsychNet-UK Team

1st April 2015

We have sadley neglected this page for quite some time, for which we would like to apologise to our regular readers and visitors.

We intend to start reviewing our search results and addressing any search queries which are not covered on the site. This should enable our site to become more self information focused.

The PsychNet-UK Team

1st March Our access stats have got of to a good start with 40000 over only two days, hopefully this will be a good stats month.

The PsychNet-UK Team
1st February

Like everybody else we are dragging ourselve back to the PC.

The PsychNet-UK Team

1st January 2014 We would like to wish our readers and sponsors a very prosperous New Year.

The PsychNet-UK Team
November / December 2014 During the months of November and December the website will not be updated. This is due to holidays and other arrangements. However we would like to wish all our site vistitors a Merry Christmans and a Happy New Year.

The PsychNet-UK Team
September 2014 No news this month.

The PsychNet-UK Team
April 2014 No news this month.

The PsychNet-UK Team
20th March 2-13

Again we are seeking sponsoships for the site. If you are a mentalhealth practice, supply the Mental Health field, or a Counsellor or Therapist. Why not invest in us with a paid sponsorship. You will increase your site hits.

The PsychNet-UK Team

1st December 2014

We, like you, are preparing for Christmas, and therefore we would like to wish all our site visitors a very merry festive season and a very propsrous New Years. We will not be updating till the end of January 2014, so please forgive us in advance!

The Psychnet-UK Team

1st November 2014

Seeing a healthy number of visitors, so our hits are increasing at a pleasing rate. We are now over 1 Million hits per month, 1.5 Million page viewed. Thank you all for the support.


The PsychNet-UK Team

1st October 2014

Again tryng to drum-up support fro sponsorship, but proving very difficult to get some companies to part with a couple of "Bucks"


The PsychNet-UK Team

1st July 2014

We are considering linking to free statistical software downloads. If you think this would be of value for you and the site, Please let us know. We would also like to request our site visitors to report any broken links. We do a scan on a regular basis but links change so quickly on the internet it can become a full time job. So PLEASE help.


The PsychNet-UK Team

31st May 2014

Our service provider had a problem with their servers and we lost, not only all of April's statistics but nearly all, but for a few days, of May's. For those reders that tract our hits, we apologise.

The Psychnet-UK Team

1st April 2014 We have been extremely lazy updating the news page however the new year appears to be lacking in any earth shattering announcement. The good news is that our website hits are slowly increasing to the level of the pre-redesign period.

The PsychNet-UK Team
12th November 2011 Sorry, not much news since our major updated. However Christmas is nearly upon use, so our last update befor the New Years will be the end of Novembere.
24th June 2011

Well !!! We had a major problem with our link to Facebook. The link was configured incorrectly and not adding our "likes". We had to reconfigure and consequently lost all our Facbook friends! Many thanks to James Delaney from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
who pointed out this problem.

So if you are feeling generous please link us as a Facebook friend.


The Psychnet-UK Team

1st May 2011

All site links have been checked and updated where necessary.

We have added a new service for Students. Our Internship page, which we hope will attract organisations to list their internship, help and assistance requirements for which student may apply. Also there is a section for students to post their requests. See Page - Click Here

22nd February 2011

We have now selected our site charity. The Guide Dogs for the Bind Association, in particular the "Sponsor a Puppy" initiative.

Please go to the site, it is very enteraining and some excellent puppies to sponsor. Go to our Charity Page - Click Here

19th February 2011

All site links have been refresshed and new links added. Therapy pages have had embedded video links where possible, to assist in communicating the subject matter a little clearer.

Still in the process of updating (and adding to ) Disorder Sheets.

1st February 2011

The main upload of the new site was partially completed before the end of the month deadline. However, before a fully functioning site was possible, our routers and ADSL line was struck by lightening. This meant we could not do the final upload tweeks before the end of the month. And the site was partially completed at upload.

We have now updated the Disorder Sheet, and during February will be updating the link information and format on all information pages.

January 2011

Firstly let us welcome our site visitors for 2011 and wish them a successful New Year.

As you will be able to see the major news for January is the total revamp of the website. We hope you like it. As part of the revamp we have identified broken links which have been removed, we have added new links, and currently in the process of updating our Disorder Information Sheets.

We have added direct links to Wiki and Google Scholarly Articles. This now provides you with direct search to related disorder articles.

next we have reviewed all the recommended books and selected books suitable for mental health professional and those who are just interested in the subject matter. We have also catered for carers, and family member who have taken on this responsibility for family members, suffering from a particular disorder.

We hope you like the new design. Please let us know ( criticism, addition recommendations, or praise).


The PsychNet - UK Team

December 2010
PsychNet-UK has now been aquired by ArchAn-Publishing as part of their company development policy to explore all areas of publishing and as an addition to their diverse publishing portfolio.

This will help Psychnet-UK to continue to develop and improve.

The PsychNet-UK Team