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Sadistic Personality Disorder

The Sadistic Personality disorder is characterized by a pattern of gratuitous cruelty, aggression, and demeaning behaviors which indicate the existence of deep-seated contempt for other people and an utter lack of empathy.

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Sadistic Personality Disorder
Sadistic Personality Disorder
PsychNet-UK Sadistic Personality Disorder Information Sheet Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Knowledge Solutions LLC 1999 / Sadistic Behavior, by John J. Baeza & Brent E - There is an abundance of literature on the subject of autoerotic fatalities. Unfortunately, the largest portion of the early literature.  3/5
PTypes - Sadistic Personality Disorder Criteria  3/5
  Sadistic Personality Disorder - The Sadistic Personality Disorder made its last appearance in the DSM III-TR and was removed from the DSM IV and from its text revision, the DSM IV-TR. Some scholars, notably Theodore Millon, regard its removal as a mistake and lobby for its reinstatement in future editions of the DSM. An Article by Sam Vaknin. Not Rated
Sadistic Personality Disorder -A PDF Document. 3/5
  Sadistic Personality Disorder and Comorbid Mental Illness in Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients. An Article by Wade C. Myers, MD, Roger C. Burket, MD and David S. Husted, MD. Not Rated
  What Is Sadistic Personality Disorder? - Sadistic personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that refers to actions, attitudes, and behaviors exhibited by a person that are ultimately intended to cause suffering in others for the amusement of the sadist. There are a number of key features to someone with this type of personality disorder, including the violent establishment of dominance in relationships, enjoyment at the sight of people and animals that are suffering, the elimination of autonomy of those in a relationship with the person, and a fascination with violence and weapons. 3/5
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