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The following is a basic list of those organisations in the United Kingdom which will consider funding for research projects.

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UK Funding for Research
  Fulbright - The site if you are considering postgraduate study in the USA.
  Natural Environment Research Council
  Prospects Web - From the publishers of the Prospects series, this is the website to look at! It includes the most comprehensive online index of postgraduate study opportunities available plus vital funding information. Prospects Web also includes hundreds of detailed graduate job descriptions, along with a searchable database of around 1500 graduate employers, hundreds of current and finalist vacancies plus pages of general careers advice and links.
  PsyPAG Travel Bursaries - Need help with the cost of attending conferences PsyPAG may be able to help - Email address.
  The British Academy - If you are a psychologist and completed a PhD and involved in research work you may be for a range of British Academy awards.
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