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The following links are to site which offer information for planning and presenting Psychology courses.

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  Approaches to Teaching & Learning Psychology - This site is maintained by William E. Glassman, author of Approaches to Psychology, 3rd. edition (published by Open Univ. Press). It is intended to provide resources for teachers and students of introductory psychology, and for other Web users who are interested in learning more about human behavior
  APS Teaching Resources - From the American Psychological Society
  Links to Teaching Resources - Social Psychology - Listed are links to a variety of social psychology teaching resources, including textbooks, course syllabi, lecture notes, classroom activities, demonstrations, assignments, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics. - Is a non-commercial website. We rely on the contribution of information, content, and resources from other psychology professionals, eductors and destination websites. If you'd like to recommend a resource for please use the email address below to contact us. Please know that we will consider all recommendations for inclusion on but reserve the right to exclude any website, resource or information that we deem inappropriate, irrelevant or overly commercial in nature.
  Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science. - Discusses how to teach about evolution. Includes class demonstrations
  Teaching of Psychology - A special little corner of heaven on the Internet for practitioners of the noblest profession. A Links reference.
  The Psychology Place - Requires registration
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