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A key tenet of anti-psychiatry is that mental illness is a myth. This concept states that illness is a physical concept and therefore cannot be applied to psychological disorder without any physical pathology. Anti-psychiatry has perhaps been defined more by psychiatry itself than by its adherents who include R D Laing, D and Thomas Szasz.

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Anti ECT Site - As its name implies.  3/5
  Anti-Psychiatry Coalition  - From the Anti-Psychiatry Coalition - The Antipsychiatry Coalition is a nonprofit volunteer group consisting of people who feel we have been harmed by psychiatry - and of our supporters.  We created this website to warn you of the harm routinely inflicted on those who receive psychiatric "treatment" and to promote the democratic ideal of liberty for all law-abiding people that has been abandoned in the U.S.A., Canada, and other supposedly democratic nations.  3/5
  Dendron News - Now MindFreedom - Breaking the Silence About Psychiatric Oppression. 2/5
  G.O.R.I.L.L.A. - Denis Postle's site 'provides a forum for voices that are in danger of being swamped by the in-coming tide of psycho-practice the UK'.  4/5
  NOPSYCHS Directory & E-zine - DIRECTORY of individuals, groups, and companies of any religious persuasion who are against dangerous practices in the social sciences, psychiatry, psychology and the mental health field in general... PLUS professionals, companies and organizations. 
  Say No To Psychiatry - The Danger and Harm of the Sham Pseudoscience Known as Psychiatry - The truth about psychiatry , it's relation to German experimental psychology and medicine, and the dangers and failure of psychiatry.   2/5      Site is still under construction.
  Stop Bad Therapy - Information about false memory syndrome, repressed memories, recovered memories and retractors, an online test to evaluate therapy, "True Stories of Bad Therapy", "Overview of Mental Health Industry Reform Legislation" and The Informed Consent in Mental Health Practices Act.   3/5
  The Ivan Illich Archive - Ivan Illich can be considered one of the most radical political and social thinkers in the second half of the twentieth century. His aim is to analyze the institutional structures of industrialized society and to provide both rigorous criticism and a set of alternative concepts 3/5

Q Debates - Eugenics - Forced Sterilization of the Mentally Ill.

  Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run - An Article.  3/5
Future Generations: - Generations is about humanitarian eugenics.   Humanitarian eugenics strives to leave a genuine legacy  of love to future generations: good health, high intelligence, and noble character. We advocate measures to improve the innate quality of humankind which are entirely voluntary. Please be forewarned that most ideas expressed on this website are "politically incorrect." We aspire to total honesty, believing that it is the only policy for people with integrity, and furthermore, that in the long run, honesty is far-and-away the most compassionate policy. If we ever hope to solve the problems which face our species, it's imperative that we first look at them objectively, and assess the scientific evidence without bias. If the truth about genetics and behavior, about eugenics, or about race, is considered "taboo," and falsehoods are the only socially.  4/5
  The Roots of the IQ Debate - The Roots of the IQ Debate. Eugenics and Social Control. "Whatever the Jukes stand for. An Article.  3/5
  The Roots of the IQ Debate: Eugenics and Social Control - The Roots of the IQ Debate - Eugenics and Social Control. 13 October, 1995.  3/5
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