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Psychoneuroimmunology (aka Psychoneurosis)

Refers to disorders of the nervous system. PNI (or Psychoneuroimmunology as it is formally known) is the science of mind/body medicine. Research has shown that signals from the brain, nervous system and immune system all communicate and connect within an area of the brain called the Limbic System.

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Psychoneuroimmunology (aka Psychoneurosis) About Psychoneuro-Immunology (PNI) - APA Monitor, Jun '99   3/5
  A New take on Psychoneuroimmunology - Research pointing to a circuit linking the immune system and brain connects illness, stress, mood and thought in a whole new way.BY BETH AZAR 3/5
  Institute of Biocognitive Psychology - Theory of biocognitive psychology about how mind, body and historical culture interact to affect health. Based on research in psychoneuroimmunology and medical anthropology.  3/5
  Journal of Immunology  3/5
Journal of NeuroImmunoModulation - The rapidly expanding area of research known as neuroimmunomodulation explores the way in which the nervous system interacts with the immune system via neural, hormonal, and paracrine actions. Encompassing both basic and clinical research, ‘Neuroimmunomodulation’ reports on all aspects of these interactions.  4/5
  Neuroendocrinology Letters - Psychoneuroimmunology, Chronobiology, Peer-Reviewed Journa - Neuroendocrinology Letters - NEL
including Neuroendocrinology, Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Psychoneuroimmunology,
Reproductive Medicine, Chronobiology and Human Ethology. 3/5
  Psychoneuroimmunology - An Article By Jay Quinlan. An Overview. Not Rated
  Psychoneuroimmunology and HIV; Mind Body Connection & HIV. An Article by Brad Lichtenstein, ND Not Rated
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Psychoneuroimmunology (aka Psychoneurosis)
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