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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (Therapy)

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a therapy that involves an animal, usually a dog, but may be any kind of animal, having specific characteristics becoming a fundamental part of a person's treatment. Animal-assisted therapies aim is to improve the physical, social, emotional, psychological and cognitive functioning of the patient. Secondry the therapy is aimed at providing patients with information and motivation.

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy Canine Companions -  A nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and to professional caregivers providing pet assisted therapy, the role of animals and pets in metal health.  3/5   Student In order to view the video you must have java script enabled in your browser!
  Create a Smile - We are a national charitable 501 (c) 3 organization that promotes the human-animal bond and its healing benefits. 2/5
  Healing Dogs; Golden Retriever Psychology Experts - This site is about canines (mutt or pedigreed) psychologically healing themselves, other canines, and humans as well as providing humans with a healthy psychological beacon (see Fun Personality Test: You vs. Your Dog.) The dogs I have known, mainly of the golden retriever breed, have all been naturally expert psychology service dogs. They have not needed a Fun Personality Test to know their superior capabilities.  3/5   Student
  Pets Are Wonderful Support - (PAWS) Dedicated to keeping animals and their guardians together. Is a volunteer nonprofit group that helps improve the quality of life for people with HIV. We offer emotional and practical support in keeping the love and companionship of support animals. We also provide our clients and the general public with information on the benefits and risks of animal companionship.  3/5    Student
  Psychiatric Service Dog Society - The - Is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to responsible Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) education, advocacy, research and training facilitation. We provide essential information for persons disabled by severe mental illness, who wish to train a service dog to assist with the management of symptoms. 3/5
  The Potential benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy for Children with Special Needs - Dawn Oakley OTR/L and Gail Bardin. An Article. 3/5
  What is Animal Assisted Therapy? - "Visiting Pets" "Therapy Dogs" "Therapy Pets" are just some of the names given to describe programs in which animals help people just by visiting with them. 2/5
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Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (Therapy)
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