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Art Therapy expressing ones feeling in pictures

Art Psychotherapy (Therapy)

Art therapy is an expressive therapy, patients express their fears and supressions in the form of pictures or art. The patient will use art materials, such as paints, pens or chalk. Art therapy is not a stand-alone therapy but combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques.

  American Art Therapy Association - AATA home page is designed to inform art therapists involved in legislative activities of issues affecting the practice of art therapy. 3/5 In order to view the video you must have java script enabled in your browser!
Art & Drama Therapy Web Page - A resource for those who use theatre techniques for other or more than arts or entertainment purposes, and for those whose theatre styles incorporate other than traditional presentation styles.  4/5  Student
  Art Therapy.Com - Michael J. Hanes, MAT, ATR-BC, LPAT, LPC is a Registered Art Therapist-Board Certified, Licensed Professional Art Therapist, and Licensed Professional Counselor. He is a graduate faculty member at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University where he teaches courses in psychoanalytic art therapy, art therapy techniques, art in assessment, and group dynamics. 2/5
  Art Therapy for Kids - 2/5
Art Therapy on the Web - This site was developed to accompany a talk given in July, 1996 to the London Regional Group meeting of the British Association of Art Therapists.  2/5
  Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts - The discipline of literature-and-psychology explores literary questions using psychology, often psychoanalytic psychology, but other psychologies as well. Literature-and-psychology addresses such questions as, Why does this writer write the way he or she does? Why do different people read differently, as they do? How can we understand such-and-such a character or genre psychologically? The program at the University of Florida is particularly strong and extends toward the psychological study of other arts, such as film, visual arts, video, and so on.  Home of PSYART, the journal and the forum. 3/5
  The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education - The Institute is a well-established fully accredited College of Higher Education dedicated to the in-depth theoretical and practical study of artistic, imaginative and creative expression for emotional health and well-being. It is a full member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and is also accredited by The British Accreditation Council for Higher and Independent Education 3/5
PSYART Journal Masthead - A Hyperlink Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts. 5/5
Survivors Art Foundation - Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering Trauma-Survivors with Effective Expressive Outlets via Internet Art Gallery, Outreach Programs, National Exhibitions, Publications and Development of Employment Skills.  5/5
  Vicky Barber's Art Therapy Page - This page will hopefully answer some questions you may have about Art Therapy, what exactly it is and who may be able to benefit from it. If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them for you. I can be contacted by email at:  5/5  Student
Google Articles Google Scholarly Article on Art Therapy - Click Here rt therapy is an expressive therapy, patients express their fears and supressions in the form of pictures or art.
News Google News Art Therapy - Click Here
Wikipedia Wikipedia - Art Therapy - Click Here
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