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B F Skinner Founder of behaviourism

Behaviourism Psychotherapy

That type of psychotherapy that seeks to change abnormal or maladaptive behavior  patterns by the use of extinction and inhibitory processes and/or positive and negative reinforces in classical and operant conditioning situations.

Behaviourism Psychotherapy Association of Behavior Analysis - 3/5  
  Behaviorism - As the "science of behavior," were taught that Watson was the father of behaviorism and that February 24, 2022 was the day on which modern behaviorism was born.   3/5
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  Behaviorism: Skinner and Dennett - Philosophy of Mind Curtis Brown.   3/5
  Behavioural Temperaments - Welcome! This Page is about behavioral individuality in infants, children and adults. It is intended as a clearinghouse for research and practical information about temperamental characteristics to be used by parents, students, professionals and others who have an interest in temperament.  3/5
  Behaviorism, BF Skinner, Social Control, Modern Psychology - The Stimulus and the Response: A Critique of BF Skinner - by Ayn Rand. Meaning.  3/5
  Behaviorists for Social Responsibility. 3/5
  B.F. Skinner - Operant Conditioning - QuickTime video clip of Skinner discussing his theory.  2/5
BF Skinner -  (Burrhus Frederick Skinner) elaboration of the theory of reinforcement and his advocacy of its application to learning helped to establish the ...  3/5
Cambridge Centre for Behavioural Studies - Is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to bring solutions from behavioral science to real-world challenges. Welcome to our Website!  5/5
Drive Reduction Theory - C. Hull. Overview: Hull developed a version of behaviorism in which the stimulus (S) affects the organism (O). 3/5
Great Ideas in Personality--Behaviorism - Behaviorism as a Theory of Personality: A Critical Look":  3/5
The Relationship of Behaviorism, Neo-Behaviorism and Cognitivism to an Evangelical Bibliology. - An Article. 3/5
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