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Sigmund Freud the father of Psychotherapy

Freudian Psychotherapy (aka Psychoanalysis)

Psychotherapy in the most inclusive sense, the use of absolutely any technique or procedure that has a palliative or curative effects upon any mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. In the case of Sigmund Freud, the founder of Psychotherapy, a Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality. Freuds wok was carried on my his daughter Anna Freud.

Freudian Psychotherapy (aka Psychoanalysis)
A Theory for the 90s - Traumatic Seduction in Historical Context = Douglas A. Davis. An Article. 3/5 In order to view the video you must have java script enabled in your browser!
Anna Freud - Anna Freud. by Jenn Bumb. ... Anna Freud's Works ...3/5
Anna Freud Biography by Dr.  C. G. Boeree - It seems that every time Freud felt he had his successor picked out, the nominee would abandon him. At least, that's what happened with Jung and Adler. In the meantime, though, his daughter Anna was attending lectures, going through analysis with her father, and generally moving towards a career as a lay psychoanalyst. She also became his care-taker after he developed cancer in 1923. She became at very least her father's symbolic successor. - 4/5
Anna Freud Centre - Dedicated to the well-being of children, the Anna Freud Centre is at the forefront of research in child psychoanalysis and the training of psychotherapists.  4/5
Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts - To advance the study of psychoanalytic epistemology, theory, practice, ethics, and education within a psychological framework consisting of philosophy, the arts, and the anthropic sciences as opposed to biology, medicine, and the natural sciences. Carpe Diem.  3/5
Biography by Dr.  C. G. Boere- Signund Fraud - It is a mistake to believe that a science consists in nothing but conclusively proved propositions, and it is unjust to demand that it should. It is a demand only made by those who feel a craving for authority in some form and a need to replace the religious catechism by something else, even if it be a scientific one. Science in its catechism has but few apodictic precepts; it consists mainly of statements which it has developed to varying degrees of probability. The capacity to be content with these approximations to certainty and the ability to carry on constructive work despite the lack of final confirmation are actually a mark of the scientific habit of mind. -- Freud - 4/5
Counter Transference - The analytic space is the mental space within which psychoanalysis and psychotherapy occur. It is a space shared between patient and therapist. In this chapter I shall characterise the two main processes which occur in the analytic space - transference and countertransference.. An Article. Not Rated
Defense Mecanisms - A number of phenomena are used to aid in the maintenance of repression. These are termed Ego Defense Mechanisms (the terms “Mental Mechanisms” and “Defense Mechanisms” are essentially synonymous with this). 3/5
  Defense Mechanisms and Unconscious Causes of Fear - From the Mental Health Net. 3/5
  Freud: Infantile Sexuality and Oedipus/(Electra) Complex - Freud: Infantile Sexuality and Oedipus/(Electra) Complex.  Part of a slide show.  3/5
  Freud Museum - The Freud Museum, at 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead, was the home of Sigmund Freud and his family when they escaped Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938. It remained the family home until Anna Freud, the youngest daughter, died in 1982. The centrepiece of the museum is Freud's study, preserved just as it was during his lifetime.. 3/5
  Freud’s Masterplotting - The Beyonds of Freud’s Case Work: From Ontogenetic to Phylogenetic - The Wolf Man Case History. 3/5
  Freudian Slip - The - Freud's term for these was "faulty action" (Fehleistung), for which his editor/translator adopted the pseudo-Greek scientism parapraxis. 2/5 (With a link to The Psychopathology of Everyday Life)
  Jeffrey Masson and Freud's Seduction Theory - A new fable based on old myths. An Article. 3/5
  Melanie Klein - Psychoanalytical Views of Male, Female dynamics, involving Creativity and Imagination. 3/5
  Perception or Fantasy? A New Clinical Theory of Transference - I am convinced that this autistic split on both sides gives credence to both of Freud s views on transference  hypothesis and to the fantasy hypothesis. An Article.  3/5
  Psychotherapy Integration: An Assimilative, Psychodynamic Approach - Stricker, G. & Gold, J.R. (1996). An Article. 3/5
  Psychoanalysis and Suggestibility - Freud's early work in hypnosis made him keenly aware of the power of suggestion. An Article. 3/5
Sigmund Freud Archives - The web site provides information regarding the content of the Freud Collection at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. This collection encompasses some 80,000 items relevant to life and works of Sigmund Freud. 5/5
  The Role of Bodily Illness in the Mental Life of Children- By ANNA FREUD, LL. D. (London) 3/5
The Origin and Development of Psychoanalysis. - Sigmund Freud (1910) -First published in American Journal of Psychology, 21, 181-218. 4/5
  Theory for the 90s - Traumatic Seduction in Historical Context. - Abstract During the last five years of the 19th century, Sigmund Freud developed most of the core psychodynamic and developmental insights that became psychoanalysis. Freud's articulation and subsequent partial repudiation of a specific etiology ("seduction") theory for the neuroses represents a crucial chapter in the transformation of his positivist science into a modern hermeneutics. 3/5
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