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Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

A very general term used to cover any psychotherapeutic process in which groups of  individuals meet together with a therapist/leader. Group Psychotherapy is the collaborative exploration of relationships as they develop among the members of a group, including the therapist. It offers the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of others and to see ourselves in others.

Group Therapy American Group Psychotherapy Association -  Our organization is an interdisciplinary community that has been enhancing practice, theory and research of group therapy since 1942.  3/5 In order to view the video you must have java script enabled in your browser!
Association for Specialists in Groupwork - The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) was founded to promote quality in group work training, practice, and research both nationally and internationally. A division of the American Counseling Association (ACA), ASGW numbers among its members over 5800 group workers and group work educators. 4/5
   Effective Group Therapy - With Male Survivors of Sexual abuse Mikele Rauch, MA, MFCC.  The work of skillful group therapy is to provide a context to reclaim oneself in connection with other...... An Article. 3/5
Group Psychotherapy - Information on group psychotherapy for the professional and the layman, includes information about the excellent group psychotherapy discussion list and a basic on group psychotherapy. 4/5  Student
  International Association of Group Psychotherapy - The purpose of the Association is to serve the development of group psychotherapy, as a field of practice, training, and scientific study, by means of international conferences, publications, and other forms of communication. 2/5
The Children's Group Therapy Association - Welcome to our web site. Items of Interest: In our resources section, useful links to other sites: 4/5
  What is Group Therapy? - Group therapy counseling, What is Group Therapy?.   Why is group therapy helpful?   3/5  Student
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  Group Psychotherapy
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Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

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