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Play Therapy

Play Therapy

The use of play situations in a therapeutic setting and helps children understand confusing feelings and upsetting events that they haven't had the chance to sort out properly.

Play Therapy British Association of Play Therapists - Set up in 1992, BAPT aims to promote and develop standards of training and practice in Play Therapy, to encourage sharing of information, experience and skills and to provide a national resource for its members. For 10 years BAPT has provided support, guidance and professional validation for Play Therapists and Training Institutions. Throughout each year, BAPT offers regular newsletters, training information, conferences, guidance on professional issues and many other essential tools for qualified, student and prospective Play Therapists. 3/5

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Canadian Play Therapy Institute - Ontario, Canada - The Canadian Play Therapy Institute serves as one of the world's major resources in play therapy and child psychology.  4/5
  Center for Play Therapy - The Play Therapy's mission is to encourage the unique development and emotional growth of children through the process of play therapy, a dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child and a therapist trained in play therapy procedures.  The therapist provides the child with selected play materials and facilitates a safe relationship to express feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviors through play, the child's natural medium of communication.  To fulfill its objectives, the center provides training, research, publications, counseling services and scholarships, and acts as a clearinghouse for literature in the field.  3/5
  Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center - Play Therapy Info for Therapists and Parents! Welcome to the Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center! Professional Training and Supervision in Play Therapy.  3/5
  Therapeutic Play for Children and their Parents  3/5
Texas Association for Play Therapy 3/5
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