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Albert Bandura

Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Psychotherapy, in the most inclusive sense, this theory states that we are who we are by a process of Observational Learning. According to this theory the Social Learning Theory posits that people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling.

Social Learning Albert Bandura - Biographical Sketch - He was the youngest child and only boy among six children in a family of Eastern European descent. His parents had each emigrated to Canada when they were adolescents—his father from Krakow, Poland. Not Rated     No video available
  Observational Learning - Learning by observing others and by using cognitive processes, including self-help. 3/5
  Social Learning Theory. of Albert Bandura - 3/5
  The Evidence Against Media Violence - (4/23/00)- It has been found that we retain audience interest best when our story is concerned with murder. Therefore, although other crimes may be introduced, somebody must be murdered, preferably early, with the threat of more violence to come. 3/5
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