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Gordon Allport.

Trait Theory (of Personality)

A theory of individual psychology concentrating on a blend of humanistic and personalistic  approaches to the study of human behaviour, developed by Gordon Allport.

  Introduction to Trait Theory - Practically all personality theorists are concerned with traits. After all, traits are what make us who we are; they are the relatively permanent aspects of each of us evidenced by the consistency in our interactions. Knowing this, what makes the trait approach to understanding personality different from the other theories? 3/5 No Video Available
Trait Theory of Personality
Personality Trait Theory - Social Science Resurces. Raymond Cattell.    3/5
  Personality - Type theory of personality, Trait theory of personality, Psychodynamic theory of personality, Phenomenological theory of personality. An Article. Not Rated
  Trait Theories of Personality -Dr. C. George Boeree - A trait is what we call a characteristic way in which an individual perceives, feels, believes, or acts. When we casually describe someone, we are likely to use trait terms: I am, for example, somewhat of an introvert, a pretty nervous person, strongly attached to my family, frequently depressed, and awesomely intelligent. I have a good sense of humor, fond of languages, very fond of good food, not at all fond of exercise, and a little obsessive. You see: I have just given you ten traits that actually go a long way towards describing me 3/5
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Trait Theory (of Personality)
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