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In order to submit an article for consideration to publish on PsychNet-UK, please send artcile in MS Word Format. Once we have considered the article, and its accetability to the field of mental health/Psychology, your areticle will be published within one month of submission.

PsychNet-UK will not be drawn into discussion on the article, as our word on publication is final. If your article does not appear within the one month period, you may assume that the article has been rejected.

From January 2010 we will only accet Article which include an Abstract and appropriate references. See the following article for the required submission format - Click Here

Please Note - PsychNet-UK does not accept any responsibility for the content of the articles published.  We endeavor to respect all points of view and publish these articles for debate, further research and discussion.

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Psychological Articles A Reevaluation of the Relationship between Psychiatric Diagnosis and Chemical Imbalances - by Simon Sobo, M.D.
Attention Deficit Disorder - by Jef Gazley, M.S.
Fate Analysis  - by Leo Berlips
Fibromyalgia and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - by Dr. Dorothy McCoy
Neuro-Emotional Technique™ - by Jef Gazley, M.S.
Non-Medical Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - by Preeti Gupta
Our Gender Family - Religious Legalism Meets Cross-Dressing - by Rachel Miller
Panic Attacks and Things That Go Bump in the Night - by Dr. Dorothy McCoy
Racism: Are Germans Different? - by J J Ray
The Evolution of Worry - by Dr. Dorothy McCoy
The Incorporation of Holistic Treatment into a Brief Treatment Framework - by Tammie Byram Fowles
The Contributions of Feminist Theory - by Tammie Byram Fowles
The Old Fashioned Personality ( authoritarianism ) - by jJ Ray
The Theraputic Effect of TAI CHI in the Healing Process of HIV - by Carolyn Howell
The Tribrain and Trauma Therapy - by Jef Gazley, M.S.
Through Dreams into Healing - by Michael G. Millett
Until we Meet Again - by Tammie Byram Fowles
What is Hypnosis? - by Michael G. Millett
Emotional Intelligence & Borderline Personality Disorder - Kathryn Gardner
Marriage Advice: Save Your Marriage with a Getaway? & 4 Warning Signs of a Neglected Marriage - by Krystal Kuehn,
Managing Your Persistent Fears, Depression, and Anxieties - By: Stanley Popovich
When Someone You Know Struggles with Fear, Anxiety and Stress - By: Stanley Popovich
Never Lose Hope in Dealing with Your Fears and Depression - By: Stanley Popovich
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Will Never Take Away Your Fears - By: Stanley Popovich
How to Cope With Depression - By Stanley Popovich
Chasing Victory - The Brain’s Proclivity for Compulsion - by Jayden Pierce
Addiction: One High with Many Lows - by Jayden Pierce
The Advantages of Studying Nursing Online - by David Stone
Medical Conditions Linked to Sleeping Disorders - by Jane Thompson
How to Convince an Addict to Get Help - by Stan Popovich
  How to Find a Good Mental Health Counselor by Stan Popovich
  Ending Your Life Is Not the Answer to Your Situation by Stan Popovich
  We are Experimenting with our Kids by Dr. George Drinka
  The Psychology of Illness by Jamie Lindell

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