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The Advantages of Studying Nursing Online

by David Stone

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What exactly is nursing?

Florence Nightingale wrote that nursing is “the charge of the personal health of somebody.” That definition has been expanded and redefined, but the basic philosophy is the same. Nursing protects, promotes and optimizes a healthy lifestyle. Nurses help alleviate pain and suffering through medical technology and clinical techniques. The nursing profession is one of the most respected occupations in the world. Everyone has some sort of interaction with a nurse in their lifetime and it usually is a welcomed experience. Nurses specialize in different fields within the medical profession and play a prominent and vital role in the future of our healthcare industry.

Why should I pursue a career in nursing?

It’s no secret that the medical profession needs dedicated people who want to serve humanity in a positive way. Recent figures released by the Department of Labor indicate a severe nurse shortage this year and that trend will continue through 2020. The figures show that 382,000 new nurses will be needed by 2015 to keep up with medical needs of the aging baby boomers as well as to replace retiring nurses.

Hospitals are offering new nurses lucrative employment packages that include flexible hours, shorter work weeks and excellent insurance, vacation and retirement benefits. The pay is not too bad either. An LPN can earn around $37,000 before overtime and that doesn’t include bonuses or cash advances. An RN can make $52,000 or more and a nurse with a BSN earns $60,000 or more in some cities. A nurse with a MSN earns over $65,000 that first year and a doctorate degree is worth around $75,000 or more depending on the hospital. Anyone who has a desire to make a difference can enjoy a wonderful career as a nurse. Nurses can accept traveling positions after their first year of service which means a nurse can see the world and get paid at the same time.

Is the classroom or online study better?

The classroom has always been the standard way to earn nursing certification. Students assume they get more information and better instruction in a classroom setting. Some students believe that the classroom offers the best chance to get a great nursing position, but online study has as much credibility as the classroom and offers student’s flexibility, which is important if a student has a full time job or family responsibilities. Online study can be incorporated into an existing routine and can be completed at the students pace. The online instructor gives each student personal attention through emails, chat rooms and video calls.

Online nursing courses are just as credible as classroom instruction, so finding a job is never an issue when you earn nursing certification online. Studying nursing online is a fast and flexible way to enter the nursing profession and you can save money in the process. Online study eliminates the activity fees and other charges that classroom study requires. Overall an online nursing education offers the student several advantages over standard classroom study.

Can I do my clinical work online?

Students who study nursing online can complete their clinical work in several different ways. Local hospitals host visiting instructors so online students can do clinical work and some hospitals use staff nurses as instructors, which gives the student even more flexibility. Video demonstrations are also used, so some of the clinical work can be done at home and the instructor is always available to answer questions and provide clinical assistance. Completing the clinical work needed for nursing certification is not an issue when you study online. Most students enjoy the flexibility of online clinical study and they appreciate the enormous amount of medical information they receive from different nursing professionals while studying.

David Stone

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Online study can be incorporated into an existing routine and can be completed at the students pace.
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