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Inventory Scales

A psychological assessment tool, which includes a wide range of psychological tests, covering personality, anxiety, depression, conduct behavior etc.

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Assessment Psychology Online - Psychological Assessment, Testing and Practice Resources for Psychologists. 4/5
California Psychological Inventory - A PDF Document comparing the CPI with MMPI-2. - Not Rated
  Common Psychological Tests - Psychological tests are given in nearly all custody evaluations in order to assess each parent's mental and emotional health, as well as to identify any abnormal psychological conditions (personality disorders, neurotic behaviors, etc). Not Rated
Inventory Scales Coping Skills Inventory (Test) - Is our perception and subjective interpretation of the stressor, and how we react to it. This depends on the personal arsenal of coping skills.  3/5
  IQ Test for Kids is a measure of verbal intelligence designed by Dr. William A. McConochie, Ph.D., to measure a range of ability from a mentally slow 6 year old to a bright 16 year old. - Click Here
List of Psychological Tests and Apparatus. - Dowwnloadable Word Documnet. Not Rated
  Major Decisions: Interest Inventories - Interest Inventories pencil Interest inventories and surveys appraise your interests in a wide range of general activities and then compare your profile.  3/5
  Psychological Inventories - please find a non-inclusive list of psychological tests that are often used by professionals, including a brief description of each test and its use. This glossary is intended primarily as a starter-guide for the layperson
  Psychological Inventory List for Low Impact Research - A list of Psychological inventories approved for use in low impact research when using Form LIR. Not Rated
Google Articles Google Scholarly Article on Inventory Scales - Click Here
Inventory Scales
Wikipedia Wikipedia - Inventory Scales - None
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Inventory Scales
Skills Inventory Scales
decisions Inventory Scales

The Millon Inventories: A Practitioner's Guide to Personalized Clinical Assessment [Hardcover]

Health Measurement Scales: A practical guide to their development and use [Paperback]

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