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Psychological Questionnaires

A research tool designed to extract relevant information from responders, which consists of a common sets of questions set out on paper. It is difficulat to identify a single web link which deals only with questionnaires, therefroe many of the links below incude other inventories, scales and tests.

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  Finding Psychological Measures and Manipulations - The first place to start when looking for a way to measure a particular construct is with PsycINFO. If you can't seem to zero in on what you want in PsycINFO, this list of resources might be able to help. 3/5
  QUAID - Question Understanding Aid. Analyze the content of survey questions using principles of cognitive psychology. 3/5
  Questionnaire Programming Language - Is a complete web questionnaire development and content analysis system. Using a simple language to describe your questionnaire, it automatically builds all the files you need to create a dynamic web site." Not Rated
  Registry of Scales and Measures - Locating the appropriate scale, checklist or questionnaire can be extremely challenging but essential, whether you are interested in identifying a health or mental health difficulty, assessing the impact of illness on quality of life, evaluating side effects or the effectiveness of treatment. 3/5
  Self-Report Measures - :All of these scales are being made available here for use in research and teaching applications. All are available without charge and without any need for permission. Download or print them from the linked pages. 3/5
  Survey Design - This is the Survey Design chapter from The Survey System's Tutorial. It is reproduced here as a service to the research community. Copyright 2011, Creative Research Systemsl. 3/5
  Tests, Measures, and Scales - Personality Measures Maintained by Marianne Miserandino, Psychology Department, Arcadia University. 3/5
  The Market Research Society - The UK's professional association for those individuals involved in compiling or using social research.   3/5
  Web-Based User Interface Evaluation with Questionnaires - Informative.  3/5
  What is a Survey? - This "What is a Survey" booklet is written primarily for non-specialists and is free of charge. Its overall goal is to improve survey literacy among individuals who participate in NORC Surveys or use NORC survey results. 3/5
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Psychological Questionnaires
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An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics [Paperback]

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