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Social Psychology

The Branch of psychology that concentrates on any and all aspects of human behavior that  involve persons and their relationships to other persons, groups, social institutions and to society as a whole

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Understanding Social Psychology 
Social Psychology
A Sociological Tour through Cyberspace  3/5
Chicken Wire Mother - This is about an experiment performed in 1966 by Harry Harlow, in which several rhesus monkeys had some very bad days. 4/5  Student.
Links to Social Psychology Topics - From the Social Psychology Network.  4/5
Michael C. Kearl's Social Psychology Page - Introduction with Links.  4/5
Societal Stockholm Syndrome - The term, Stockholm Syndrome, was coined in the early 70's 3/5
The Kenneth B. Clark Center for the Study of Violence in Communities ( Gangs ) 4/5
An Explanation of Cognitive Dissonance Theory  - Basic introduction. 3/5
Cognitive Dissonance - A mechanism of how social influence can produce attitude changes. An Article.  3/5
Biological Basis of Sex Appeal - By Richard F. Taflinger. 3/5
Brain asymmetry and facial attractiveness: Facial beauty is not simply in the eye of the beholder 3/5
Romantic Attraction - Romantic Attraction. How do we get "the hots" for someone? 3/5
Sexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-Cultural Evidence and Implications - Doug Jones Sexual selection, physicalattractiveness, and facial neoteny: cross-cultural evidence and implications: Bibliographical Excerpts "The evolution of modern Homo sapiens over the past 100,000 years has been marked by a trend toward increasingly. .2/5
 Environment (Social)
Collective Behavior and the Social Psychologies of Social Institution - Here we will consider the most "macro" dimensions of social psychology, those social forces arising out of the interactions of large numbers of individuals and groups which, in turn, are the master templates patterning the cultural and social orders. One cannot study the behaviors of individuals without devoting some attention to the broader socio-cultural environments, their economic structures, stratification orders, technological systems of communication and transportation, family processes, demographics, and value systems, structuring their social lives. 4/5
Social & Cultural Differences in Child-Rearing - A Test Paper.  3/5
Emotion Articles - Emotions are our feelings. Literally. We feel them in our bodies as tingles, hot spots and muscular tension. There are cognitive aspects, but the physical sensation is what makes them really different. 3/5
  General Page on Emotions - Anger, guilt etc etc. 3/5


Information About Cults and Psychological Manipulation - AFF, the leading professional organization concerned about cults and psychological manipulation, was founded 20 years ago in 1979. AFF is known for its professionalism, for building its practical educational services for families, former group members, helping professionals, educators, and young people on a base of scholarly study and research4/5
Networks (Social)
Social Exchange Theory of John Thibaut & Harold Kelley. 3/5
 Prejudice & Discrimination
ADL - Fighting Anti-Semitism, Hatred, Prejudice and Bigotry - The mission of the Anti-Defamation League is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike. 4/5
Antisemitism Research Resources - This Web site provides annotated links and original material about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust (Shoah).  3/5
Groups  Against Racism - A comprehensive list of related organisations.  3/5
Ethnocentrism - What is it? Why are people ethnocentric? What is the problem? What can we do about it?. 3/5
Jewish Links Directory - Anti-Semitism & Holocaust - Extensive directory of sites on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and related topics.   4/5
Mental Health Media - Promote people's voices in order to reduce the discrimination and prejudice surrounding mental health and learning difficulties.  3/5
Racial Profiling in America - Arrest the Racism - One of the ACLU's highest priority issues is the fight against the outrageous practice of racial profiling. 2/5
Racism: It's Not Just about Attitudes! -  An Article.  3/5
PsychNet-UK Article: Racism: Are Germans Different? - by J J Ray
Prosocial Behavior
  Bystander Effect 3/5
Catholic Encyclopedia: ALTRUISM  3/5
Empathy, Altruism & Agape.  - Perspectives on love, science and religion.  2/5
Empathy Altruism Theory - Part Slide Show on Prosocial Behavior.  3/5
Life in the City - A lecture outline by Paul Webley. Worth a look.  3/5
Modeling Altruism and Spite - Published in Review of Economic Dynamics, 1:593-622, 1998 Full Text Modeling Altruism and Spitefulness in Experiments David K. Levine January 12, 2022 revised: November 17, 2021 Abstract: We examine a simple theory of altruism.  3/5
Self Esteem Home Page  - Our purpose is to connect organizations and people whose vision & values enhance self-esteem.   2/5
 Research  (Social)
Current Research in Social Psychology. - The full text of past and current editions of the peer reviewed Journal details all aspects of research in Social Psychology.
Economic Psychology Research Group, University of Exeter -UK - A good set of related links.  3/5
IAREP - The International Association for Research in Economic Psychology 2/5


Social Psychology Research - The social sciences are dedicated to understanding the human condition, ideally to the extent that the singular and collective behaviors of human beings can be understood and even predicted. Though their goals are identical in the abstract, these "sciences" differ in terms of their way of looking at things, the questions they ask, the methods they use in addressing these questions, and what they do with this information once they obtain it.  4/5
Social Psychology - Social Cognition Research Papers   3/5
Culture of Androgyny  Blurring the Lines Between the Genders by Lee Grady  2/5


End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking - ECPAT is a global network of organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. It seeks to encourage the world community to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights free and secure from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.  4/5
Gender Differences and Aggression - Gender Differences and Aggression Can depend upon the type of aggression under study Men are much more likely to engage in Physical Men and women are equally likely to engage in Verbal Aggression. Men and Women experience aggression differently ...2/5
Prostitution Research & Education Website 3/5
Social Cognition
Observational  Learning  - Based an Bandura's work.  From Educational Psychology Interactive developed with John Hummel.  3/5
Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Center - Maintained by Eliot R. Smith  Purdue University.  4/5
Social Exchange
Analyzing Social Interaction - Analysing Social Interaction - affect and Control Theory, events structure, affect ....  3/5
Jaume Masip´s Nonverbal Behavior & Nonverbal Communication - The site consists of a very comprehensive collection (several hundreds) of links to nonverbal behaviour sites on the internet, grouped by categorie (e.g., papers [full text], abstracts, books, researchers [their home pages], research labs, video and audio tapes, etc). It pretends to be an essential resource for researchers and students. Also, many of the links may be of interest to the lay person interested in the topic. 4/5
 Social Identity
Self-determination theory (SDT) - Is a macro-theory of human motivation concerned with the development and functioning of personality within social contexts. The theory focuses on the degree to which human behaviors are volitional or self-determined - that is, the degree to which people endorse their actions at the highest level of reflection and engage in the actions with a full sense of choice. 3/5
Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSE; Rosenberg 1965) - Is an attempt to achievea unidimensional measure of global self-esteem.3/5
 Social Influence
Changing Minds - Welcome to the ChangingMinds site, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change one another's minds. There is already around 1500 pages here, with much more to come! 4/5
General Outline Notes on Social Influence, Conformity, and Helping Behavior  4/5
Influence Theories - A number of Theories explained. 3/5
Introduction to Social Influence. - 4/5
Media and Communications - The University of Aberrystwyth UK  4/5
Positive Reinforcement - A Self-Instructional Exercise and introduction.  3/5
Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence. - An Article.  3/5
Social evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, self-deception - Mario F. Heilmann University of California at Los Angeles. 3/5
Subliminal Advertising - Examples from magazines and books etc. 3/5
The Psychology of Consumers - Consumer Behaviour and Marketing. 3/5
Socialization/ Nature vs. Nurture - Lecture Notes.  2/5
  Study Body Lanuage .com - Excuse Me, Do YOU Speak Body Language? 3/5
The Social Psychology of Language Teaching-- Part 1 to Part 4 by Leon James.  3/5
 Social Perception
Facial Analysis Labs - With links to researchers.  3/5
International Attachment Network
Jan Hargrave - Nonverbal Communication - As a professional speaker, distinguished lecturer, author of Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love, and Judge the Jury, Jan applies her amazing skills to show you how to take advantage of the vast world of nonverbal communication. 2/5
Nonverbal Behavior/Nonverbal Communication - Comprehensive collection of links to nonverbal behavior websites: Researchers, research labs, books, papers, abstracts, etc. The site is intended to be useful for nonverbal behavior scholars, students, and anyone else interested in the topic.  3/5
  Study Body Language . com - Excuse Me, Do YOU Speak Body Language? 3/5
The Social Construction of Reality  - By Peter Berger & Thomas Luckman (1967). An Article 3/5
Social - General
Theoretical Perspectives Relevant to Developmental Psychology - A comparative analysis of the use of such terms as development, adult development, aging, life-span, life-course, and life-cycle. What do they mean? How are they used in relation to each other? Is there consistency in use? What is the best usage? 3/5
Hofstede Analysis - Dr. Geert Hofstede conducted perhaps the most comprehensive study of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture. From 1967 to 1973, while working at IBM as a psychologist, he collected and analyzed data from over 100,000 individuals from forty countries. 2/5
Self Determination Theory - An Approach to Human Motivation and Personality. From the University of Rochester. 3/5
Social Psychology Network - Welcome to Social Psychology Network, the largest social psychology database on the Internet. Searchable links directory for subject areas, PhD programs, researchers, research groups and journals. 4/5
The Electronic Journal of Sociology  3/5
George Herbert Mead--George's Page  - A document repository for the work of George Herbert Mead with resources to support research on his contribution to social psychology. Repository of Documents.  4/5
Theories Specific:
Affect Control Theory
Affect Control Theory Homepage    3/5
Attachment Theory
  Attachment Theory - Is meant to describe and explain people's enduring patterns of relationships from birth to death. 3/5


Balance Theory
  The Social Psychology Theory of Structural Balance. 2/5


 Mirror - Matching Theory
The Theory of Mirror and Matching - Syllabus notes.  2/5
 Reasoned Action Model
Theory of Reasoned Action. - A Slide Show.  3/5
 Social Identity Theory

Social Identity Theory - Was developed by Tajfel and Turner in 1979. The theory was originally developed to understand the psychological basis of intergroup discrimination. Tajfel et al (1971) attempted to identify the minimal conditions that would lead members of one group to discriminate in favor of the ingroup to which they belonged and against another outgroup 3/5

 Current Social Issues in Social Psychology
Envisioning and Creating the Future - Eradicating Androcentrism: The cultural debate about sexual inequality must be reframed so that it addresses not male-female difference but how androcentric social institutions transform male- female difference into female disadvantage”. 3/5
National Alliance to End Homelessness - The Alliance is a nationwide federation of public, private, and nonprofit organizations. We demonstrate every day that homelessness can be ended - one person or family at a time. Working together, Alliance members form a powerful network of concerned individuals and organizations advancing practical, community-based solutions to homelessness. We are building a better future for generations to come.  4/5
Scapegoats, Scapegoating Psychology, Undoing Blame - Scapegoating Research & Remedies.  Constructive Inquiry into the nature and Neutralizing of Blame.  Website of The Scapegoat Society. 4/5
Recommended Books - General Social Psychology  
Principles of Social Psychology (Principles of Psychology) [Paperback]
Introduction to Social Psychology: A European Perspective (Bps Textbooks in Psychology) [Paperback]
Social Psychology [Paperback]

Principles of Social Psychology (Principles of Psychology) [Paperback]

Introduction to Social Psychology: A European Perspective (Bps Textbooks in Psychology) [Paperback]

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