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Intelligence & Skills Tests Progressive Matrices (Abstract Reasoning) Subjects are required  to work out the relationships between a series of patterns; the capacity to work through this type of abstract problem is believed to be the foundation of Intelligence.

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  About Intelligence Tests - Intelligence testing is used to assess the all around effectiveness of an individual's mental processes, especially understanding, reasoning, and the ability to recall information.
   Intelligence Tests American Scientist Article: Rising Scores on Intelligence Tests - The ABCs of Intelligence Because there are many different forms of mental ability, there are also many different kinds of tests and test items. Some are verbal and others are visual in format. Some tests consist only of abstract-reasoning problems etc.
  Intelligence tests (IQ tests) - Are designed to give an intelligence quotient derived from a set of standardized test scores. An Article by Dr Berger. Not Rated
  IQ - IQ test is the most scientifically valid IQ test available on the web today. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and in certified professional applications, it is now available to you. In addition to measuring your general IQ, our exclusive test assesses your performance in 13 different areas of intelligence, revealing your key cognizant strengths and weaknesses
  IQ Test Lab - Take our free PhD certified IQ test to get your score and find out how you rank. This test will determine your IQ by evaluating nine distinct intellectual and mental abilities. - IQ Test, EQ Test, General Knowledge and more...
  MAJOR Test Scoring Tool - Available through (see Table of Contents for link) - (score MMPI-2 on all 83 scales in 10-20 seconds for FREE ; similar results for other major inventories).
  MENSA-Tests - This site provides 7 IQ tests, which you may try.
  Pro & Cons of IQ Testing. IQ stands for "intelligence quotient." One definition of an IQ test is what is known as an operational definition: "IQ" is whatever an IQ test measures. In less circular terms, IQ tests attempt to measure a person's intelligence by using a set of standardized questions in a number of subjects, including mathematics, language and reasoning involving drawings and shapes. An Article by Chris Blank. Not Rated
  Psychological Testing - Advantages and Disadvantages. An Article By Irsan Komarga Irsan Komarga
  Raven Standard Progressive Matrices - Designed to measure a person’s ability to form perceptual relations.
  WAIS-III Personal Test Analyst (Examples ) - The WAIS-3 Analyst analyses and interpretes the WAIS-III. This program does not convert raw scores to standard scores. Psychological Corporation has a good, reasonable priced scoring program and they have the rights to score this test. The WAIS-3 Analyst imports the data for their program or you type in the data after hand scoring the test and WAIS-3 Analyst generates this report.
  Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 3rd. ed. (WISC-III) 1991 & the As the Block Turns: Interpretation of block rotations on block design subtests.
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