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A list of site which you may find usefull in planning a career in Mental Health or pure Psychology.

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Careers in Psychology A Guide to Psychology and its Practice - This guide to psychology and its practice contains "everything you always wondered about Psychology and never knew whom to ask." Dr. Richmond provides descriptions of many mental disorders and phobias, treatment methods, and even insurance issues. He also offers self-help advice and links to related sites.
  Careers and Qualifications - by the BPS - Explore careers in psychology. Search through our database of every psychology career you can possibly imagine. Find out exactly which career field best suits you as a psychologist.
  Careers in Psychology - Great Advice on Your Career in Psychology...
  College Scholarships, - Colleges, and Online Degrees page is designed to offer college-bound, graduate school-bound, and career school bound students of all ages easy access to information about a wide variety of subjects. Complete Guide to Psychology PhD Programs - Psychology is an interesting and expansive field with a wide variety of career choices. Psychologists spend years in school learning and studying the many facets that make up the profession; therefore, it is important to find the right PhD program that best fits your interests and schedule. Explore the various schools and programs.
  Eos Life-Work - A gateway to the world of work, career and community psychology
  I Want to Work in … Psychology. Career Advice.University of Kent.
  Practice Psychometric tests & University admissions tests - "The most comprehensive list of practice psychometric tests & questionnaires available on the web. Essential preparation for graduates, job hunters and those revising for university entrance tests..." UK Jobs Network, 2009.
  Psychology Network - We exist to promote excellence in the learning, teaching and assessment of Psychology across the full range of curricula and activities relevant to UK Higher Education
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