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These game links are published without any content or relevance rating. They are here for interest and a bit of FUN!!!

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Are You Sigmund Freud? - Pop Self-Help Psychology Humor-Test.
  Eliza -  Your Very Own Personal Person-Centered Therapist.
  Exploratorium - The Exploratorium.
  Fupa - Free Online psychology Games
  Interactive Lunacy - Brain Teasers, Tests, Etc
  IQ Test Experts - We have a site offering IQ tests.There are a number of games,puzzles,brain teasers and crossword links too.
  MazeWorks - Tower of Hanoi
  Mind Bluff - Is a family-friendly site, offering free brain teasers, riddles, and mental illusions for all ages, recommended by PC World. Sample pages include The Reaction Time Test (, Is Your Brain Cross-Lateralized? (, The Necker Cube Illusion (, and Knight's Tour Chess Problem (
  NeuroArcade - Brain Games, offers free online brain games.
  Psychegames - Provides information related to psychological games and mind games. It also contain the information regarding Psychology types, Online Psychological games, Psychology humors, Color Psychology, Experts articles and more related issues.
  Psychology Tests and Surveys - From the BBC
  Puzzle Connection
  Puzzle Playground - Classic and Modern Visual Puzzles.
  Sensation/Perception Jeopardy - Linda Walsh's Jeopardy Game for her Introduction to Psychology students.
  Sheep Game.
  Teachers Direct - Quiz Busters
  The Prisoners' Dilemma - Classsic Psychological problem.
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