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There are numerous students looking for internships, temporary work and volunteer work. For those students who are seeking this type of professional assistance, please record your request her.

This page is a basic contact/introduction board for students, and we hope organization seeking internship assistance. This service is free, all we request is that you tell us when to remove the notice.

NOTE: If you are contacted by any person or organization through your request, PLEASE ensure that the contact is legitimate and not just a contact front for some underhand scam.

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 The following Students are seeking Internships, temporary or casual work?
Date Student Details Contact Information
  31st March 2014 I am an Italian Psychology recent graduate and I would like to take an internship in London or England.
I have experience with children and disability.
I am interested in these areas.
I am looking forward to Your reply.
Best regards,

Irene De Nola
  24th January 2014

Hi All,

I have a degree in clinical psychology at the Padua University and I looking for an intership in London from march 2014. I have some experiences to support the children who have faced a natural catastrofe, like the earthquake in Emilia and the flood in the Five Lands. Thanking you in advance

Yours faithfully.

Claudia Filippi
  20th October 2013 Hello,

My name is Carla Algaba. I have finished the degree of Psychology in Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). In 7th of October will apply for a grant (Leonardo Da Vinci). This grant consists in to perfom 24 weeks of professionals internships, which will start in February, in other country for to acquire experience and learn languages. If I was granted the grant I would like to do the practices in the UK. The student has to find the company for to perfom internships and the deadline to apply for the grant is up to the 7 November.

I would like to do internship related with clinical psychology because is what I am most interested.

Thank you for your attention,


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