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Ensure that any mental health or psychology training that you embark upon is recognized by other academic institutions or your prospective employer.

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Mental Health & Psychology Training Programmes - Universities
Psychology Training Alphabetical List of Psychology Depts - USA. - An extremely good reference tool. 
  See Psychnet-UK List of Wordwide Universities
Continuing Education - Psychology / Mental Health Training
  Petersons - University contact details and placement (internship) information.
  PhD from UK Universities- Online PhD UK - This site Online PhD UK will provide you the general information you seek with regard to the PhD programs in the UK universities, the process involved in applying for and completing the programs, the different kinds of PhDs, and what funding is available.
  U101 - Has rounded up links to over 3000 college and university web sites in North America
UK Funding for Research
  Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council - BBSRC Research Committees has a limited number of project-based studentships in specific topic areas available to start on 1 October 2006. Applications may be submitted from eligible individuals - principally, established researchers in universities in Great Britain and in the BBSRC-sponsored institutes - for a research studentship or CASE studentship to carry out projects within the identified priority areas.
  Economic & Social Research Council - ESRC's Mission Statement is to support postgraduate training in the social sciences. Well trained research students are the seedbed for the social science researchers of the future. For this reason, the ESRC has set up, a Postgraduate Training Board and Division dedicated to the support of postgraduate students. The division has an annual budget of approximately £24 million with which it funds students through maintenance grants and other linked support.
  Fulbright - The site if you are considering postgraduate study in the USA.
  Natural Environment Research Council
  Prospects Web - From the publishers of the Prospects series, this is the website to look at! It includes the most comprehensive online index of postgraduate study opportunities available plus vital funding information. Prospects Web also includes hundreds of detailed graduate job descriptions, along with a searchable database of around 1500 graduate employers, hundreds of current and finalist vacancies plus pages of general careers advice and links.
  PsyPAG Travel Bursaries - Need help with the cost of attending conferences PsyPAG may be able to help - Email address.
  The British Academy - If you are a psychologist and completed a PhD and involved in research work you may be for a range of British Academy awards.
For Students
  A-Level Psychology website!
  Basic Guide to Essay Writing - A step-by-step guide to writing a basic essay, along with links to other writing resources.
  Child Psychology Papers - Various position papers on the topic of child psychology. You can read the abstracts and decide to order reprints. This site sells papers on a variety of psychology subjects.
  Clinical Psychology Training Clearing House - Home Page - All postgraduate courses in Great Britain which lead to a professional qualification in Clinical Psychology are members of a Clearing House scheme for applications.
  Coursework Help - GCSE and A-Level Course Work - We provide free coursework examples for GCSE and A-Level / AS / A2 Students to help improve their knowledge of a subject, to learn from best practice, to stimulate interest and to further their own education.
  Essay Lab - Custom Essays Writing - Good writing skills are essential for effective communication and academic success. The better you write, the more easily readers will understand you. Learning to write and compose your papers takes time and practice. We provide an opportunity to purchase personalized reports and term papers and help you to increase the effectiveness of your studies. Essay Lab was designed to assist you in your academic research work and share with you the experience of our professional writers.
  Essays - Term Papers, Research, Report & Essay Help
  Golden Essays - Psychology and other course material. - AS Psychology - A free resource for students of A level psychology. The site covers 20 core studies and includes quizzes and exam questions. - A Resource for Prospective Clinical Psychologists UK.
  Psychology Essays - Psychology Essays, Anthropology Essays, Archaeology Essays, Biology Essays, Criminology. - Our work is designed only to assist students in the preparation of their own work. Students who use our service are responsible not only for writing their own papers, but also for citing PsychPapers.Com as a source when doing so.
  Revison Notes - A Level Psychology.
  Super Ego Cafe - A free online resource for doctors studying for the MRCPsych examinations of the Royal College of Psychiatrists by Dr Gurpal Singh Gosall MRCPsych, Specialist Registrar, Manchester, England.
  Unixl - Is a university resources directory providing theoretical knowledge for students and academics in subject topics listed in many higher education institutions. It also provides information on degrees and job opportunities in each field.
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